Sunday, August 29

News and Home Tasks Term 3 Week 7

Hi everyone
Another great week last week. Lots happening with Technology challenge preparation, great raps being composed, baby sitting brochures, band practice, kapahaka practice, preparing for the Winter Tournament, .... never a dull moment here at school that's for sure.

I love it when we have a good debate in class.  One of these was about whether the word vehicle has a long 'e' sound or short. I think it has a long 'e' sound, what do you think? Leave a comment to let us know.

Do take a look at the collaborative story at James started the story and now the rest of the class are joining in and adding to it. It is worth visiting to read what they have written so far.

It was good to read Zarek's news.  We are still hanging out to hear from Matheus and Alex. Come on guys, don't be shy.  Hope you are both well and having a good time settling in to your new schools.


What a week Zarek has had!

Hey Room 7! First of all, I miss all you guys! Now, let me tell you about the awesome week I have had here in America.

On Tuesday me and my family went to the Montana Fair. At the fair, I went on a whole bunch of spectacular rides. But my favourite ride was either the "Himalaya" or the "Starship 4000." On the "Himalaya", you get in a car and the car just keeps driving around and around until it is going fast enough to have vomit exploding from your mouth. And the "Starship 4000" is a doozy too. You load onto this spaceship looking room that spins so speedy fast, that when it is going its speediest, you get pressed up against these boards that go up and down according to the gravity level inside the ship. Pretty cool, huh?

Listen to this; my siblings and I started being home-schooled on Wednesday! Everyday, I start school with four pages of my work book. Then I move onto my writing, then my maths, then my science, until finally I get study time. It's kind of weird being home-schooled.

Also during the week ( I actually I just got back from it), me, my parents, and my brothers went to see The Beach Boys in concert at The Alberta Bair Theatre. They rocked the house with songs like Surfin' U.S.A. and Do It Again. I wore my T-shirt with palm trees on it because palm trees are usaully found on beaches where The Beach Boys are, right?

In about one week me and my family are going to go visit Calgary (that's a city in Canada). It is a 10 hour drive one way so, it is going to be along drive. But more about that next time.

This is Zarek signing off.

Thursday, August 26

Collaborative story

If you would like to help develop the story of our survival on a deserted island then head for to this collaborative writing website.

Copy and paste this url into your web browser:

Make sure it follows the previous writer's thread and develops in a logical, sequential way.
You may edit spelling and grammar of other writers.
You can add your ideas in amongst other people's ideas but you can't delete their work (unless to correct spelling or grammar).
This is to be a G-rated story.

Looking forward to reading the story as it unfolds.

Tuesday, August 24

White Wonderland

On Thursday 19 August we went up to the white wonderland of Rainbow Ski Field. Mapua School's Year 5-8 students went up the mountain for a fantastic day in the snow.
The morning was boiling hot as the sun shone on the slopes, it was so hot that many adults and kids, not wanting to be fried in the sun, were stripping off their under layers.

Level 1-3 skiers and snow boarders started their lessons after going through the rental shed. We had lessons so that we could relearn the basics so that we were safe to go down the slopes in case we had forgotten how to keep control and stop quickly.

Level 1 and 2 began at the learner slope then went to the intermediate slope if they felt comfortable doing so.  Level 3 started and finished on the intermediate slope, but if they were told they could and if they had the skills, they were able to go on the T-bar. After all the lessons we got the rest of the day to do what we wanted.

The only thing that was bad about the day was that the snow began to melt a bit on the intermediate slopes so some rocks were showing up, but apart from that the day was great! The day was so amazing and to make it even more perfect it began to snow lightly at the end of the day! It was very magical indeed.

Monday, August 23

News and Home Tasks Term 3 Week 6

Another gorgeous weekend to get out and  about in.  I am loving being able to wear shoes that are pairs, get out on the bike and walking without the clumping sound!
Lots happening this week.  Check out the news sheet for more info.


Sunday, August 15

News and Home Tasks Term 3 Week 5

What a great weekend. I hope you were able to get out and enjoy it with the family and friends.

Have managed to get your ski clothes organised?  Remember that the weather can be changeable on the mountain so make sure you have layers of warm clothes and a suitable jacket to keep the wind and wetness out.

Check out the newsletter to find out about more about our learning activities for this week.


Thursday, August 12

Learning from mistakes

Hi guys

Just want to say that in the holidays I made a big mistake and so I’m writing this so no one will make the same mistake.

I saw a pop up on our computer and it promised me something I really wanted. It promised a Iphone and asked me for my mobile number.

It cost me 34 dollars, which I didn’t know it was taking off my phone.

So I want you to learn from my mistake and don’t sign up for anything without your parent’s permission otherwise it will cost you a lot.


Isaac Worsley

Wednesday, August 11

Birthday girl goes deep diving!!!

Hey room 7 it's me again Lara and the 10th of August was my BIRTHDAY I got to go diving it was really cool. My diving instructer Malcolm was REALLY cool, he was really funny. I went diving at Rimba about 4 to 5 meters deep and learnt how all the hoses worked and how to stop your ears from hurting when you go down and all that stuff. And yes it is better than snorkeling.

It's not long until I come back home only five mre days.
See you then.Lara

Me with my tank on.
Me and Malcolm in the water. 

Monday, August 9

Zarek's Trip to Yellowstone National Park

Hey Room 7,

I just journeyed to Yellowstone National Park, the first and biggest National Park in the whole World!!! I saw some pretty awesome wildlife there like grizzly/black bears. I had a blast, considering we only stayed one night. (But a good one night!) We stayed in the little town of West Yellowstone. And I'll have to tell you this; the busy little town of West Yellowstone. In West Yellowstone they were having an "Old Fashioned Car Weekend" and we got to see some pretty old, old (but cool) cars. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the cars. But we did get some pretty darn good photos taken on our trip.

Part 1:

Part 2:

News and Home Tasks Term 3 Week 4

It is great to see our overseas students keeping in contact through the blog.  Keep it up Zarek and Lara. (time for you to start Matheus - we need to have a virtual farewell party for you.  Maybe we could organise a skype call.  Get in touch and let us know how to reach you.)
We had a great week last week and one of the highlights was going with the first House group, Blue House, across to Tane’s Ark to take part in a planting and protection session on Friday.  The weather was absolutely fabulous for a winter picnic and the students were really happy caring for the school’s environmental project.
We are looking forward to another busy week ahead with Takaka Sports exchange top of the highlights - go Mapua!


Friday, August 6

A little Island Survival!!!

Hey guys it's Lara reporting from Malaysia, we have clear blue skies and a 40 degrees climate nice and hot. Unlike New Zealand now I'm guessing it's about mid winter there.Well enough boaring talk lets talk about this A frame hut I made with Daniel it took us about 3 hours to build but it was worth it. We got the idea from this guy that made one a couple of days ago we think ours is much nicer though. 

Well I've got to run so bye!
   Me and my brothers under our A frame.

All of us hard at work. 

Thursday, August 5

Zarek, Reporting from America

It's Zarek here reporting from America.

Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves in life.

I don't know about you, but it is sunny skies here in Montana. Boiling hot too. The other day, it was 103 degrees.

Speaking of degrees; I just went to a water park called Big Splash and I went down a 75-degree-angle water slide and my togs almost about ripped!

I just finished theatre camp a week ago. It was AWESOME!!! At camp we learnt how to dance to "Thriller"(by Michael Jackson). It was a really complicated dance. In addition to dancing, we learnt how to sing better and act better. We even learnt how to do yoga! And after two weeks of learning, we had to do a play. My play that I was in was "The Untold Story of Hansel and Gretel." And guess what; I got the main part out (Hansel) of 15 kids!

Anyway, enough about me. See you soon.


Wednesday, August 4

Room 7 superb artistic maths

Room 7 has been learning about transformations. We found out that these are part of Geometry and involves translation, rotation, reflection and enlargements. This has been our maths for the last couple of weeks. Mrs Hosie gave us a test to find out what we know about Geometry. Then she put us in groups and we learnt more about Rotational symmetry. We went onto a website which taught you lots of things about symmetry. If you want to go on and have a go, the link to the website is called Pacifica Patterns - Symmetry, it is on our class links to the right of our blog.  After we learnt  about transformations, we used our new knowledge to create new wrapping paper designs. We got asked to make wrapping paper since our art in the art exhibition was so good. First Mrs Hosie gave us an A3 piece of paper and then we made a koru design in our art books. Next we got to work tracing the koru design onto the piece of paper, translating, rotating, reflecting before we coloured them in and this is what they turned out like:

Monday, August 2

Back at Dad's resort!!!

 Hey room 7 It's me Lara and I've just left my cousins house and I'm back at Rimba my Dad's resort. I had so much fun, I went to the crocodile farm and saw a HUGE crocodile it was like five times bigger than me. Then we went to fly our kites at one of the most beautiful park I've been to, it was just like the one in Alice in Wonderland. When we all went home we watched three new movies Shrek 4, Karate Kid and Toy story 3. Well I've got to run I'll write to you soon.

Sunday, August 1

Week 3 News

Not long to go now until our Snow Day.  A notice will be coming home with amounts to be paid for our activities at the Rainbow ski field in Week 5 and this needs to be paid by the 13th August please.

Hope you are able to check out the websites on the link list as these give examples of the learning activities the students are taking part in to develop their understandings of various topics. 
Try out this  activity from the CSI Internet link 
Can you tell which of these sites has true information and which does not?   How do you know?

Leave a comment to let us know what you decided after viewing the two sites. I wonder whether you found out the same things that the students did?

Have a great week everyone.
Mrs H