Wednesday, August 24

Marble roll craze

We haven't added anything to our blog for ages!  Why?  Because we have been too busy doing stuff to get around to recording it here. But we are going to remedy that (hopefully) and get back into sharing what we are up to.
Sooo, first up...
Finlay started a bit of a marble roll craze when he rigged up some channels, tubes and tracks on the hessian board a couple of weeks ago. I was impressed with the triggered reaction where the marble on a string was triggered to hit and set another marble into action.  Cool work Finlay.

Tait set up a marble roll and added coloured paper embellishments to his.  And Jack turned part of his bedroom into a roller coaster for marbles.

Check out hte photos and videos below.

 Finlay's roller coaster for marbles

 Jack's bedroom becomes a marble's adventure playground.

Tait adds colour and interest to our classroom.