Monday, September 20

Isaac's Rap

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News and Home Tasks Term 3 Week 10

The last week of Term already! Check out our news and events.

Friday, September 17

Talents in action

On Friday each talent group shared the learning and outcomes of Term 3's learning for their particular talent. It was fantastic to hear and see what each group had been working on.

The music group performed a variety of pieces show casing their ability to sing and play a variety of instruments.  The drama group entertained us with a number of skits and situations. The film crew talked us through the process they went through to produce their advertisement for a parent improvement formula - very clever. The technology group talked about how they learnt to use the different levels of Blooms thinking to help them create successful products and got everyone to help them select which trophy should be used for the Blog of the Week trophy.  The website team are still busy working on the school website which will be unveiled and decided on next Term.

Check out grace's Animoto video of the groups in action.

Isaac and Owen rappin' n' rhymin'

Wednesday, September 15

Year 7 band members jam with Easy Tigers

 Easy Tigers are a local Mapua Band. The members are Tracy Duncan as the singer, Tony Jemmett as the drummer, Kim Francis as the keyboardist and backup singer, David Francis as the base and Richard Thomas as the electric guitarist. It was great listening to them as they practiced for their next gig.

The penultimate week of Term 3. it's going to be a good one.

Sunday, September 12

Max in france

As soon as I got of the plane I realised that I was in for a hot time in Hong Kong. When my family got into the terminal we were directed to a taxi and were driven straight to our front door. When we got to the hotel I walked inside and felt the cool blast of air conditioning. It felt fantastic.  I really don't like hot temperatures!

When we had checked into the hotel I plodded towards the  lifts. The lifts were really beautiful.  They had golden doors.  They took a while to come because the building had over 30 floors. When we were inside the lift I noticed that the 4th,14th and the 24 floor was missing from the building.  Apparently  the Chinese people think that the number 4 is evil and it meant death.  The 32nd floor was our floor and as soon as we got into our room I looked through the window and saw how high we were.  The people down below looked like ants and the cars looked like toy cars. 

Hong Kong was like this:

We saw lots of the old people pulling rubbish carts around the streets.  I think this is because they didn't have any money to live so they had to do what they could to earn some.  We also saw many people who were poor.  We could tell by their clothes that were ripped and dirty.

There were lots of lit up signs, so it was very bright at night.  There were loads of cars that always beeped their horns. It was very busy and densely populated.  There were loads of people on the streets and it looked like most of the people lived in apartments.  The apartments were tall and squashed together.   Most of the buildings were very crumbly. All the washing was hung up outside of the buildings. I thought that it wouldn't be very clean because of all the dust and dirt of the city.

There were lots of street markets that sold fish and fruit and vegetables.  They also sold things like chicken feet and meat that was hanging outside with all the dust and heat.   We went to one street market  that sold lots of goldfish and angelfish.  Chinese people think goldfish are lucky. 

It was surprising that there were no flies because usually hot places have loads of flies.  The other surprising thing is that there were not alot of birds.  Maybe it is because all the buildings are so high and maybe because there is not alot of green trees.

Hong Kong was a really interesting place because the way of life seemed so difficult and different.


PJ Day - raising money to help with the earthquake recovery

What a fantastic, fun filled day!

Here are some Photos of my Trip to Calgary

They have finally arrived!

Part 1:

Part 2:

We will remember our trip forever!

Friday, September 10

Inter-school Speech Competition

Second place in the Motueka Inter-school speech competitions is fantastic! We're proud of you James.

Wednesday, September 8

Special message to James

We think you are an awesome speaker James and we hope everything goes well for the speech competition Thursday night.  You'll knock the socks off the judges with your knowledge and ability to communicate with clarity and precision.

We're Back in Montana

Well everyone, we made it. We are back in Billings, Montana. We drove the full 10 hours all day today! Wow, that was a lot of hard work. When we were driving, we passed a hill/peak/mountain type thing that had a top as flat as, well as flat as a piece of thin paper.

Our vacation was a blast! I promise, I will post an "Animoto" video as soon as I have all our photos downloaded.

I miss all you guys!

Tuesday, September 7

Our Last Day (Heritage Park)

Hi everyone. Well, today we visited the Heritage Park. (Which is a bit like Shantytown. It is a town "modeling" the old west.)

We drove there, very thrilled. When we arrived, there was a train sort of thing to drive us to the entrance of the park. When we arrived in the park, we got our gate admissions and we headed over to "Gasoline Alley." (Which is a museum with a whole bunch of old cars and gasoline pumps in it.)

We exited "Gasoline Alley" and walked up this path, which seemed to take a lifetime to walk up. When we got to the top of the hill we entered Heritage Park. We got train tickets and took the train to the other side of the park where we took a boat ride around this lake. And I have to say, the boat ride was very chilly but awesome. After we jumped off the boat, we headed to this train museum, which was this big shed full of trains and snowplows. Between the time that we exited the train museum and exited the park, we ate lunch at a fancy restaurant, saw a hysterical play, visited an old school house, visited a victorian house, had ice-cream, visited a candy shop, and rode some rides.

We got back to the hotel, swam, ate dinner, and-oh I see I have to go know.


Today we woke up to yet another "Breakfast Fit for Kings." Then we hopped in the car to ride of to Banff for the day.

When we arrived in Banff, I discovered that it is a quite little town full of modern day shops and hotels. We kept driving down the street until we came to what looked like a castle! But then my Dad explained to us that it was a hotel (Fairmont Hotel), one of the finest in the World. We walked inside and it just took our breath away, literally. It was as grand as a castle and as medieval as Scotland. When we were finished exploring all the shops and restaurants and lobbies, we headed into the town of Banff to get some lunch.

We ate at Tommy's Neighborhood Pub. I had a Greek Burger. It was delectable!

After lunch, we headed off to do some shopping. (I think you can all picture me there.) Then after we went shopping, we went to Starbuck's. Because everyone knows that when you're on a shopping spree for the day, it just isn't complete without a visit to Starbuck's.

Then we got back in the car and drove up this highway and saw all of these breathtaking (and I mean stunning) mountains with snow on them. We arrived at Lake Louise where there was another Fairmont Hotel. We walked partly around Lake Louise, then headed back to our hotel because everyone was exhausted.

Have to go.

Monday, September 6

Week 8 Home Learning and News

A very busy sporting time at present with dance exams, gymnastic championships, netball, etc. A good time to thank all of you for giving your time and energies to ensure that your children have these opportunities.
I hope those of you with family in Christchurch know that they are all safe although no doubt a little shaken by the experience - no pun intended.
I will be handing over the reins to Mrs Fish again on Wednesday and Thursday as I am attending an ICT seminar on Wednesday and am working with Mandy planning for Term 4.
Check out what we are up to this week on the newsletter and check out what Zarek and his family are up to in Calgary on the blog posts below.

Sunday, September 5

Our First Full Day (The Zoo)

Today we woke up and strolled on down to the breakfast buffet, and when we got down there, I took one glance at it and saw that it was a "Breakfast Fit for Kings." I stuffed my face with mouth-watering dishes like scrambled eggs, omelets, and cinnamon rolls.

After breakfast, we walked outside to the trams/trains and had so much trouble paying for our tickets because we didn't have any change. But then we realised (or rather I realised) that the people on the train didn't even ask to see our tickets, so it was kind of a waste of money.

When we arrived at the zoo, we rushed in to see the dinosaur exhibits. Once we were fully in the dinosuar "habitat", we noticed that we were going to be walking against fake rock that looked like a big canyon full of automated dinos. There were even some control panels to control the dinosaurs by pushing different buttons. (But of course, my siblings attacked the control panels.) We exited the dinosaur area and passed through the Canadian Wild Lands. I didn't find the Canadian animals' habitats very exciting because I see those animals all the time while my family drives around the countryside here. But there was one animal that did catch my eye, and that was the Wood Bison. The information panel said it was supposed to be the largest land mammal in North America, but I didn't believe it because I have seen some pretty fat cows around. We crossed the bridge to the other half of the zoo and had lunch at the Kitamba Cafe. Then we walked over to listen to a talk this zookeeper was giving about the zoo's gorillas and gorillas just in general. It started to rain, so we walked into this big indoor rainforest. I am so sorry but I cannot describe the beauty of the rainforest but I can tell you this; it was just the right temperature for a rainforest. When we walked out of there, we went into this indoor conservatory that had beatiful gardens and butterflies. (It was really amazing because the butterflies were just free to room the conservatory.) After that we went to see the hippos, porcupines, and giraffes, which were also indoor. Then we went to see the camels and the elephants. Everyone was starting to get a little tired, so we left the zoo with memories to remember.

We arrived back at the hotel, went swimming like yesterday, and had Domino's deliver our pizza to our room for dinner.

Well, got to go. It is getting late.

Saturday, September 4

Arriving in Calgary (Like in a Dream)

Today we made it into Calgary and boy is it huge! Our hotel (Sheraton Suites) is really nice and big.

We got here at a pretty descent time, so we went to the mall and had some lunch there at Subway. And then we walked about a mile and a half to the Telus Science Museum for Kids (which is kind of like Science Alive in Christchurch) and had a blast! And here is something really cool; on one of the labels on one of the activities there it said: Science Alive New Zealand's Science Centre. How cool is that!?There was a bed of nails where you lay down on this bed of (what looks like) plastic and a partner pushes this button and a whole bunch of nails come up and lift you up off the plastic. It feels really awesome! After that we went to the cafe there and got some smoothies. I got mango and the rest of my siblings got wild berry. I tried wild berry, but it tasted  disgusting!

After the science museum, we dragged ourselves back to the hotel and swam in the pool there for a while. The pool had a "super grande" sized water slide. We enjoyed piling ourselves into it all at once, (and believe me, that was no small task) and then all sliding out at once.

After we tired ourselves out from swimming for an hour and a half, we strolled over to The Old Spaghetti Factory for some delicious dinner. That restaurant has some pretty old antiques and stained glass windows to make us feel like we were eating in a restaurant in actual Italy. I ordered Chicken Pesto Alfredo spaghetti and it was so filling, I only ate half of it. But it was good. The tomatoes in it were the juiciest tomatoes I have ever laid eye (or tongue) on.

Anyway, got to go. It is already almost 9:00.

Friday, September 3

Halfway There

Well, the first 5 hours of our drive was as smooth as polished rock. We left Billings at 2:00 p.m. and arrived in Lethbridge at about 9:15 p.m. In between those hours, we visited a gas station that was in the middle of nowhere and smelt like leather, stopped in the town of Great Falls and ate dinner at McDonald's, and spotted the planet Venus in the night sky. Right now we are in the city of Lethbridge, about 250 kilometres away from our destination of Calgary. I am so excited to arrive in Calgary tomorrow! Well I have to go to bed now.

See you later!

Thursday, September 2

Getting Ready for Calgary

Well Room 7, it's Zarek here again. And tomorrow me and my family head off to Calgary. I am so excited! I have been really busy with packing my clothes and stuff. We are going to go to the zoo and - oh, wait, I can't tell you, it's a surprise. Anyway, I have to get back to my home-schooling. I'll write to you tomorrow and tell you how the first half (5 hours) of the long drive (10 hours) went. See you.