Monday, February 28

Fun Try-athlon Time!

          Everyone was running as fast as they could.
                      As the sun was beating down on us with its fists of fury - 30 degrees C!
                                      Everyone was running their hardest, puffing and panting!
                                     Everyone was really getting tired but up next was the biking!
The bumpy track makes it impossible to not get exhausted trying.
Then there's the rewarding run to the swimming pool but sometimes even that can't cool you down.
"One lap or five?" 
How long does it take to complete the swimming race and make it to the finish line?

Wednesday, February 23

The Mapua Domain

                                     Mapua’s Absolutely Amazing Attraction

Do you want a place where you can play sports, ride bikes and have fun, well you are in luck! The Mapua Domain is Nelson's best park.  It has a sports ground, a playground and a skate park. It might not be as big as Saxton or Neil Park but at Mapua you are in a safe and friendly environment, it is very sociable and everyone is willing to help out.

The Mapua Domain has brilliant sports equipment like tennis courts, cricket nets, a basket ball hoop, a full range of different sized soccer goals suitable for all ages. Then there is the actual field where you can do any thing from flying kites to racing remote control cars. It also has a small but enjoyable playground with swings, bars and slides so it is great for the younger ones too. Then there is the skate park, which has a concrete park and dirt jumps. The dirt jumps will test your nerve and courage while the skate park is suitable for all levels.

One of the best things about the Mapua Domain is that is in the center of the village so you are close to all the shops and other cool things in Mapua. It is also very easy to access, there are two car parks and a number of path ways to get in there.

Mapua Domain is a brilliant place to have fun, keep fit and hang out with friends. The Mapua Domain is a great place and you will have a fun filled time there.

The Mapua Fun /Extreme / Park!!!!!

The wharf is a common fun place in Mapua. It has heaps of amazing things to do like swimming, going to the Aquarium, the bars and the restaurants that are provided.

Swimming is a good, fun way to cool off in the summer season.  I recommend jumping off the wharf if you want an extra thrill.  However, there are dangers if you are jumping off the wharf. Young swimmers should be supervised at all times. Young children should always wear something that floats such as a life jacket. It's really good fun.

There is also some slippery mud on the mud flats. You can have so much fun, like mud slides to mud fights but this is not recommend for younger kids you could get hurt if there is a stone in the mud that you are throwing then wash off by taking a dip in the water or jumping off the wharf .

Another fun place is Touch the Sea Aquarium. There are so many fish - and you can pat them. How cool is that? There sharks, sting rays, eels...

So if you want a fun amazing place, I recommend  Mapua wharf.

Thursday, February 10

Welcome back to 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first two weeks of 2011 have been really cool especially catching up with friends!
So far we have been learning about one another, cognitive (that funny word means thinking) organisers, Multiple Intelligences, learning styles, preferences and  Habits of Mind. We are learning about these things because they help us to know about our brain - how it works and how we learn best.
Check out the blog ideas mind map that Grace, Kurtis and Elena came up with.

The photos below show us working hard.