Monday, May 31

Week 7 News

It is great to see the blue skies at last. The students were pleased that the Cross Country was able to be held today.  Check out Lily's post and photos below.

All the best for fending off all the winter ills and chills.

Cross Country

Cross Country! It is that time of year again - some were excited and some were not. On Thursday we were going to have our cross country but what do you know it, was raining so we moved it to Monday and it was a wonderful day for it.

The day was so much fun. More fun than everyone thought it would be. To me the most exciting and funny part was the adults' race. You should have seen how slow they were. It was unreal!

The only bad parts were the sore chests at the end of the races and the way nearly everyone got covered in mud and water while running. This was because everyone worked really hard to meet their goal of becoming all they could.

As I said cross country was lots of fun and to make it even more exciting it was also a house competition. And the results? Yellow House was 4th, Red House was 3rd, Blue came 2nd and Green came 1st. Even though I wasn't in the winning house,  it was still a great day anyway.

Now to make it better the people that got 1st, 2nd or 3rd, get to go to Rabbit Island and race against other schools, the rest of the school will be wishing them luck all the way. Go Mapua School!

Check out our photos.

Sunday, May 23

News and Home Learning T2, Week 6

Another fun week coming up with plenty of physical and mental challenges to keep us invigorated. Reuben Wiki's visit on Wednesday is definitely up at the top of the list of exciting things for the week. Not sure whether everyone would add the cross country to that list  but I am proud of the way they are taking the build up practice seriously and trying to be all they can. I am looking forward to catching up with any of you that can make it to watch the cross country event at Aranui Park. Bring your loudest supporter's voice - or maybe something to blow or rattle :  ) to cheer them on.
Hopefully you can all keep the winter ills and chills at bay this week - and in my case get rid of them.

Tuesday, May 18

News and Home Tasks Term 2 Week 5

It's great to be back.  We had fun on Monday discussing what we had been up to in the four weeks I was away and the class is now trying to solve the puzzles I brought back from Singapore.  They all enjoyed the Pocky sticks that are popular with children in Singapore and are hoping they will be made available in NZ sometime soon.


Thursday, May 13

Bobby,Nessie and YOU!

Dear Mrs H

We found out all about Bobby. It's a nice but sad story. Bobby sounded very genorous to give up all his time to watch over his master. Bobby seemed very attached to his master leaving only twice a day for his meals.
We were wondering if you bought Nessie because he looked so cuddly and irresistible.
Enough about Bobby and Nessie! We've got some questions to ask you.
We heard you've gone from  freezing to cool to boiling. How do you feel about the weather?
Well speaking about weather we had a major storm last night. The wind was howling and trees were cracking up all night. No sleep at all. I guess that means we don't have to do any more homework cause were soooo tired zzzzzzz.
Now we've got something for you to find out. What does this mean: Adios cule (it's in Spanish).
Mrs Ryan said to say it' s fine to meet her on Sunday.

From Lara, Emma and Emily
on behalf of Rm 7

Wednesday, May 12

Research detectives succeed again!

Yes, Bodrum it was.  Congratulations. A really beautiful resort in Turkey. You can put it on your 'Future Places to Visit' list. How are you getting on with the new photo clues?
Thanks for posting the photos.  Sounds like you have been having a great time while I have been gone.
We are now on an island off Singapore. It took about an hour by ferry to get here.  It is an island of another country (not Singapore). Not much in the way of clues but you might be getting really good at your research skills.
Great to see Aleisha left a comment telling us about her school in Gisbourne - check it out.
I'll see you next week.
Mrs Hosie

Tuesday, May 11

Another Try At The Answer

Dear Mrs Hosie,

We have re thought about the ferries to Kos and Nicholas thinks he found out the answer. Is it Bodrum? 
Mad Hair Day was a great day, it was fun to see everyone's creative style! The House Leaders did a great job to organize the day and we had a blast, we wish you could've been there.

We also had an Asthma Awareness Day and we had to try and dress up in orange and yellow. At buddy time we were given a orange or yellow balloon to pass between us and our buddy. That was fun because it was quite windy.

By Kelly, Nicholas and Max,
on behalf of Rm 7

Sunday, May 9

Latest update from the Northern Hemisphere

Hi everyone
Good to see you have been on my trail and checking out the answers to the questions about the photos and places I have been to. I am having a great time but am now on the last week of my trip away.

Yes, you are right about the statue being Paddington Bear at Paddington railway station in London. And you were correct about why we couldn't travel to Switzerland. Check out hte headlines as it appears to be coming back this way.  Hopefully we will still be able to fly out next week. Well done.

Unfortunately you haven't cracked the name of the place we were staying in  in Turkey. We didn't leave from Greece to go to Kos.  We left from a seaside town on the southern coast of Turkey.  See if you can find it now.

GLad to hear that Mad Hair Day was fantastic.  How about posting some photos on the blog for me?

I am looking forward to being back and seeing the work you have been doing with Mrs Ryan. I bet it is fantastic. She is a very talented person and it was great that she was available while I was away.
Now for the last photos and questions for you to research.  I haven't been able to get to a computer where I could upload the photos so these are of the places I have been to while there was no news.  Can you work out the names of the places and the importance/meaning of the objects/things in the photos?

Good luck. See you soon.
Mrs H