Friday, April 15

2011 Hot Summer Tornament

The Year 7 and 8 students have been practicing since Week 7 for the Summer Tournament of 2011. Volleyball, playball and Ultimate Frisbee were the games we played. We didn't win every game but we all had so much fun that it didn't matter. All together we had six Mapua teams. It was really great that we tried our hardest to be all we could be.

Crazy Camp by Molly

I stepped off the boat onto the the golden beach of Totaranui and nearly collapsed under the weight of my giant  one hundred kilo bag. At least  it felt like that. We walked up to the grass behind the information centre and sat down to have a snack. Then we had the killer walk up to the homestead. When we got up there we all had lunch in the hot summer sun. I had been looking forward to Room 7’s camp so much and we had finally got there.

We were sorting out our bunk room when Elena ran in, grabbed Kinsey’s drink bottle and ran out. I finished laying out my sleeping bag and ran out after her. Kinsey was sitting on the step with a flannel to her mouth. It had blood all over it. Her hand had a huge cut on it and her knees were grazed and looked sore. In a bag filled with ice was a tooth. An adult one and the longest one I had ever seen. Judith took Kinsey to the Golden Bay dentist where she met her dad. After having her tooth put back in, she went to Collingwood to stay at a friend’s house for the night.

It was Tuesday morning and everyone was sleeping peacefully when the parents and Mrs Hosie came running down the halls crashing pots and pans together!  There was a lot of sighing and groaning as we all ran out onto the front lawn. We had all been expecting a fire drill, just not at 6.45 in the morning! Outside it was still dark and everyone was half asleep and shivering. Mrs Hosie didn’t seem to notice, “look at that beautiful sunrise everyone!” she cried. We all looked. It was pretty but we were all too sleepy to care. We numbered off and then went to get dressed.

After breakfast we got ready go on the big walk to Separation Point. We were climbing over the rocks to Mutton Cove when Kinsey came running along the beach shouting ”Elena! Elena! Wait for me!” Elena spun around and started running the other way. I wondered where she was going. Then I saw Kinsey and I started running too. She told us she had run nearly the whole way. We were amazed. We were walking and talking when all of a sudden something
ran up swung its arms around Kinsey and knocked her in the mouth. She yelped and then collapsed in pain on the sand. We realized that something was Nic. When Kinsey was feeling better we kept walking.

On Thursday we were walking to Goat Bay and I was really excited.  It was only a half  an hour walk and quite flat so it was easy. When we got there a wave of excitement hit me.The waves were huge, easily higher than my head, the sand was golden and smooth and the rocks were great for climbing on. We had morning tea and then I went to help Kinsey set up the trust game. Then I went swimming with Elena In the massive waves. I stepped into the water and a wave hit me. A big, powerful, salty wave knocked me on to the sand covering me with water. I sat up to see the face of Elena about an inch away from mine and I burst out laughing. We went out deeper where the waves couldn’t get us. We were only meant to go out where we could touch the bottom but no one could see my feet so it didn’t matter.
We went back to camp and everyone had a shower and washed their hair.

On Friday we woke up to another fire drill. I stopped to put on my shoes so my feet wouldn’t get cold.  When we got outside Mrs Hosie told us it was Friday and that we needed to pack our bags and clean the homestead. I was amazed. Not because of the cleaning but because of the fact that it was Friday. I just couldn’t believe how fast camp had gone. It felt like just yesterday I had been comforting Elena when Kinsey had to go home. We had breakfast and went to pack our bags. Then we played games until it was time to catch the boat.

Wow that was an awesome camp. Over all my favourite day had to be Thursday a sleep in and a trip to Goat Bay, laying in the sun, swimming in the waves, and climbing on the rocks. What could be better?

A.N.Z.A.C day for room 7

Room Seven went to founders park for an awesome ANZAC experience : ) We went to learn about what ANZAC stands for and to think about those who lost their lives in the war.
People were specially dressed up for the occasion and it was like living in a different world set in World War 2 times. We got to take part in several different experiences such as an air raid and tasting the food. Although I didn't like the carrot fudge, I did like the experience!!!
You can see some very cool pictures of our day out if you click on the following link : )

Friday, April 1

Hee hee, back at last!! : )

 Finally camp has come and I'm sure you would love to see the photos!!!

Just getting started:)
That's a nice palm tree. What do you t
Here's some photos of.................. TRAMPING TUESDAY!!! 

Water break!

Made it to the beach!!!

That's a big breaker!

How good a view is that????

The seals at Separation Point - our destination point
A refreshing swim at Anapai

What's Lauryn doing?