Wednesday, October 27

Report Writing

Caves, Cliffs, It’s Kina Beach!

Are you looking for fun, adventure and a place to hang out?
Kina Beach is a beautiful place where families and friends can spend time together. It has room for your entire family to have fun with their friends or just enjoy the water and sun.

Kina Beach is fun, holds interesting things and is a great place to swim or have a picnic. There was once about 20 killer whales 100m off the low tide line, so you might be lucky and get to whale watch to add to the fun.

Kina Beach is a popular place and is attracting people looking for property. There was going to be a huge mansion built right in front of the beach. Until they received such a great amount of complaints that they were forced to stop building. If they had finished the house, the wonderful privacy of Kina would have been lost.

Many years ago, the cliffs of Kina crumbled away and created fun caves for children and revealed a few fossils for adults. Kina also holds other interesting things like colourful stones, interesting shaped wood and who knows what else!

One of the best things about Kina is...
IT’S COMPLETELY FREE!!! That’s right, a day at the beach, a picnic and a swim is completely free! I’ve heard on that one beach, it’s 80 Euros just to sit on the sand!

Tasman has been made a whole lot better because it has a fantastic beach to walk, run, sit, play, picnic, swim and relax on. Collecting things makes hours on end of fun. And is even more fun at home when you get artsy craftsy and create things out of them.

You will find the Kina Area when you turn of the main road from Nelson and follow the mud flats down Kina Beach Rd. When you come to a parking area, you can choose to stop there, or continue down the road until you find a n area on the beach that you like.

So if you’re looking for a place that’s open all year round,is cost free and is heaps of fun, then you’ve found one! Grab a bunch of friends or family and head down to Kina for a fun day on the beach. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you bring, Kina Beach and Cliffs are perfect for anyone and everyone!
Kelly Prosser
Mapua School

Monday, October 25

News and Home Tasks Term 4 Week 3

A four day week packed full of goodies :  ) Rock on Room 7 band on Tuesday!  Photos will be posted on Wednesday - maybe a video...
See what the week ahead holds on the home tasks sheet and then check out the interactive activity above.  What is the Science behind it?  Add it to your portfolio if you think it is significant for your understandings of Forces. Don't forget to explain how it is significant.

Sunday, October 17

News and Home Tasks Term 4 Week 2

A great week ahead - check out our news and tasks to extend our Habits of Mind and Key Competencies.

Sunday, October 10

It's back to school we go...

Hi  everyone, welcome to Term 4.
Hope you managed to squeeze in some fun times before the Spring break was over.  It's always amazing how fast two weeks can go! Welcome back to our overseas trippers.  I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone as the Term progresses.  Check out the News and activities sheet for info for the week ahead.