Wednesday, December 19

The Penultimate Day of 2012

What a great way to end the year: Secret Santa first thing, farewell assembly after morning tea, the Amazing Race and the grand finale, the water fight!  There are no photos of the water fight as we do not have a water proof camera, which is a shame as there would have been some funny shots I am sure.

Enjoy the video clip.

Prom Night - End of Year Disco

What a great night.

Whenua Iti - Education Outside the Classroom

The class had a great time pushing their physical and emotional boundaries as they faced challenges that involved heights and trusting your team to keep you safe.

Tuesday, December 18

Enterprising students - PrEP was a blast!

What a great way to learn about financial literacy and being in business.

Wednesday, November 7

Go wild at wild tomato

On the 22nd of October the magazine team went to visit the Wild Tomato editor, Jack Martin, to learn more about creating a magazine that stands out from the crowd.

We were greeted by Jack at the magazine office where we asked questions that we needed to know the answers to if we were to produce a magazine by the end of the year.  Jack answered our questions with information to inspire us to write our magazine.  

Jack took us through to the magazine's designer, Annabel, so we could learn how to make our magazine's layout eye-catching and appealing to our readers.  She answered all our questions and showed examples of her work to give us a clearer idea of what she meant.

We came  back to school with inspiring ideas forming in our mind.  We can't wait to get started on our articles, photos and page layout ideas.

 Jack finds using Google Docs to organise and store information invaluable.  We are using Google Apps as our online organiser and place to draft our articles this year.

 We are going to try using a new system to work out how our magazine articles and pages will fit together. Annabel showed how she uses a table or spreadsheet to help work out the layout of articles, photos and advertisements.
 Wild Tomato covers look great on the wall in the office.


Tuesday, November 6

2012 Rock Fest

 On Tuesday, the 30th of October, Wildfire and the Year 8 band went off to Stoke School to perform in the annual Nelson Rock Fest.

 There were 27 bands performing and both Mapua School bands had to go second and third to last! They had to wait the whole day listening to all the other bands. When they finally got up on stage and performed, they were brilliant. The Year 8 Band played Little Wonders and Proud Mary, and Wildfire played Pork and Beans and Love Love Love.

The Rock fest was not a competition but there were prizes to be won if your school's name was pulled out of the hat. Mapua didn't win anything because the man who pulled the names out of the hat dropped the piece of paper with Mapua's name on the ground - they almost won a 50 dollar voucher for music equipment.

Even though they didn't win anything everyone still enjoyed themselves.

Friday, October 12

Rock Camp Update

Gill has checked the timing for tonight's concert with the organisers and alerted me that the music doesn't start until 7pm.  Food is available from 6pm.  So if you are planning on eating at home you have another hour up your sleeve before needing to be at the Play House tonight.
Mrs H

Tuesday, October 9

Rock Camp Concert Alert

Our cool keyboard player, Catherine, is at Rock Camp this week at the Playhouse Theatre.  She would like to invite the whole class to come along on Friday evening to see her perform in the band with the other participants. 

The concert starts at 6pm. 
Doors are open from 5.30 and dinner is available. 


Sounds like a great way to wind down the holidays team.

Sunday, September 30

What a great way to end Term 3

The last week of term was packed with a lot of presentations, competitions and celebrations.
On Wednesday Rod Ritchie gave up some of his holiday time to come and work with R10 and 11. Rod, Jamie's dad, is here on holiday and he was only too happy to come and wrap up our narrative unit and inspire our budding author's to write one last piece.  The prizes are some of his books from the Warriors series. We will return to those stories after the holidays and polish them for the competition.

On Thursday a team of four students: Stella, Zak, Tait and Cailin, represented us at the annual Motec BP Technology Challenge and came away with first prize - and a fantastic microscope!  Well done team.

Friday was the best day.  We had non stop performances, presentations and shows as we savoured the different flavours of the Popcorn Programme. Creativity and imagination were to the fore as we watched puppet shows, learnt about building useful things out of recycled wood and other building materials, imagined the new garden boxes overflowing with fruit and vegetables, oohed and aahed over the biographical paintings, listened to the environmental messages brought to us by the video group, watched the creativity groups interpretation of metamorphosis and marvelled at the artistic designs of the wearable arts garments.

Check out the short video clip below for images of our great week. (Unfortunately I don't have photos from the Technology Challenge yet.)

Tuesday, September 25

Mathix Maddness

On Thursday the 16 of August, eight maths maniacs took part in a Mathix competition at Mot High.

The challenge was to answer all of the maths questions correctly. To make it even tougher, the rules were that teams  were not allowed to get the next question until they had got the previous one right.

There were two teams: Team A was made up of Seth, Mac, Daniel and Cameron and Team B, made up of Catherine, Kate, Jake and Peter.

The hall was buzzing with mathematicians talking through the problems and trying to get the answers first. It was not a very exciting spectator sport as the audience only had a spreadsheet, which was very hard to read, showing how many questions each team had answered correctly.

The two teams worked very hard and in the end the A team came 5th and the B team came 15th. A pretty good effort. Great team work guys!


Down The Slope

On the 12th of September, Cameron Jones went to the AMI inter-school Primary Races.

Cameron was superb! Getting 4th place against people who go to the ski field 24/7 is an amazing achievement! With a time of 36.35 seconds, only a couple of seconds behind the leading racer.

Well done Cameron!

Inter-Regionals, Here We Come

Room 11 is really succeeding at the moment, especially in sport.
Jake and Mac have made it through a long and tiring process to get to the inter-regional Cross Country event to be held in Wellington.

They had to come in the top 5 for Mapua School's Cross Country.  Mac came 1st and Jake came 2nd. They then went to the inter-schools, where Jake came 1st, Mac came 2nd, Ben P came 3rd, and Zak R came 4th. Mapua really cleaned up in that race!

Next was the Regional finals, which had all of the schools around the Tasman region competing to get into the Tasman Cross Country Team. The top 10 runners were the chosen ones.  Jake came 3rd, and Mac came 4th. So they are going to Wellington on the 26th of September, and racing on the very next day.

Good luck boys!

Wednesday, August 22

Funky Fashion!

It was Ecofest in the weekend and nine girls from our school entered a Funky Fashion competition. They had to design and make a outfit either out of recycled materials or spend a maximum of ten dollars at op shops or second hand stores. Most of them entered recycled fashion but two people entered op shop.

People got really creative and we ended up with a paper diva, a fantastic plastic, a stripy divine, a recycled punk, and a green supreme. We had a really cool dressing room with lights around the mirrors just like movie stars. The show started at 12:30 with Ranzau School going first and then it was our time to shine.

Kate and Emily's dress went first. They had a multicolured plastic skirt and patched up top finished off with jewelery made from recycled materials.

Then it was Analese and Shaylem`s dress. Theirs was made completely out of plastic bags and bottle tops.

Next was Ellie. She had a skirt made out of magazine fans and a top made out of a sarong.

Then it was Taliha's turn . She had a dress and umbrella made out of building paper and buttons to add flair.

Then Sophie came on with her vine protector skirt and black and white plastic bag top.

Taylor May displayed Tahlia's op shop outfit. She was one of the four op-shop entries. She had a red top, flower skirt, black tights and back high heels.

The last design from our school was Stella's. Sylvie was her model. She wore a green checkered skirt and white singlet with a green cardigan with a flower on top.

It was great to hear that Tahlia won the junior section and Ellie, who used to go to Mapua School, won the senior section.

All the girls really liked  being able to strut their stuff on the catwalk. Check out our designs and some of the other entries in our video clip.


Keen Lunch Ladies Start Fundraising

Cameron came up with the idea of fundraising for camp 2013 ALREADY!

 Our camp next year will be in third week of term one, leaving no time for fundraising. Cameron and his keen group of lunch ladies, Mac, Ben, and Zac, cooked up some sausages on Monday and earned $117.40 profit.

POPCORN - Warming up the kernels!

The Intermediate and Senior classes started a new programme to promote imaginative and creative thinking in term 3.

Just before the end of term 2, we were asked what our top 3 choices would be. Now, every Friday after morning tea, we go to different classrooms to build or create something that we enjoy. The options are:- Imagining and creating - metamorphosis; interpretation using shadow puppets; painting on canvas; creating movies with environmentally friendly messages; building gardens and beautifying the school; and creating from recycled goodies. Here is a movie that shows the start of the POPCORN programme! Enjoy!

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

Monday, July 30

Update from our roving Olympics reporter

Hello Room 11!
Today I went to the Olympic Games.  We saw the women's artistic gymnastics  consisting of the vault, floor, bar, and beam.
It was amazing. There's  too much to write in an email so I'll tell you more about it when I get back!
The overall top scorer was from Italy and her name was Vanessa Ferrari, the current world champ.  ( This was only out of the sessions we saw though.)
We then went for lunch where we bumped in to the Italian team - including Vanessa Farrari! Most of the gymnasts were very young, most of them around  15 - 16 and they were all very small! Even I was taller than Vanessa!

Having heaps of fun!

PS look at who else I bumped into (Usain Bolt)

Friday, July 20

Bethan's Big OE

Hi Room 11, 

 I've had heaps of fun on holiday so far. We've visited 15 villages, 7 countries and travelled over 3000 km in our hire car (which is 1/6 of a years driving ) in a week!  

I'm writing this in Italy, Florence, the temperature is 37 degrees and it's nearly 6 00 pm! It's soooo hot here! 
Tomorrow we leave for Venice, so hopefully it will be a bit cooler there, I can't wait! 

Here are some of the highlights...

Me and Anna as monkeys!
Us at the Anne Frank house, the door behind us is Otto Franks jam factory entrance door. - Amsterdam

Tyne Cot, the biggest commonwealth war cemetery in the world - Ypres

Me at the Centre Pompidou museum, the national modern art gallery, next to a Modigliani painting  - Paris
Me at the Colosseum- Rome

Us at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa - Pisa

Us at the bottom of the Leaning Tower of Pisa - Pisa
Us on top of the arc de triomphe with the Eiffel Tower behind - Paris

This is a picture of one of the NZ war graves.

Send some more photos soon,


Thursday, June 21

Rockin' Candle Science

Is burning a candle a physical or chemical change?  This was the question on everyone's mind as they played with fire.

In groups of three, we had to balance a candle between two cups or glasses. We had to measure and find the halfway point on the candle, poke a nail on each side - directly opposite each other to create a pivot point and balance the nails on the cups.  We used paperclips to make sure the candle did not fall off the cups.
We lit both ends of the candle and stood back to observe what happened.

Most of us predicted that the candle would stay still and the wax would melt.  One or two of us thought that it might move.

The result was that most candles rocked or see sawed back and forth as the wax melted on one end (the end that was facing downwards), making that end of the candle lighter and so it rose to the top. That meant that the other end was now dripping wax on the tin foil and so that end became lighter and rose to the top.
Check out the video...

A physical change is when something changes but can be changed back into its original state and no new substance is made. A chemical change is when a new substance is formed and you cannot reverse it. When we discussed the experiment and asked the questions about physical and chemical change we decided that the wax melting was a physical change that caused the movement of the candle. Most of the wax was on the tin foil in a different shape.  The wick burning was a chemical change as it couldn't be returned to its original state.

Friday, June 15

Camp montages

A very small selection of our camp photos.

Tuesday, June 5

Tuesday, May 29

Do I look big in this?

Thanks to Stella's dad we checked out this website.  It certainly takes a lot to get your head around the scale of the universe aka cosmos.

Check it out for yourself.....      

Mrs H

Thursday, May 10

Preparing for Mistletoe Bay

As part of our camp preparations, Mrs Hosie asked to check our rain proof coats and the shoes we were going to be wearing on the tramps.  We really got into it and strutted our stuff on the catwalk of Room 11.
Check it out!

Wednesday, May 9

Mad Hair Day!!!

On Friday 2012 Mapua School had MAD HAIR DAY!!!

It was a very strange day let me tell you that. It was also very hard to do jump jam with our hair all done up crazily.                                          

We had three categories; Culture Vulture, the Most Bizarre and Reduce, reuse, Restyle.

A great example of an entry in the Culture Vulture category.
Check out the  Most Bizarre and Reduce, Reuse and Restyle hair do's.

It was fantastic walking around the school and seeing the amazing styles and creativity applied to people's hair. In some ways Mapua School was like an art gallery on Mad Hair Day - one where the pieces on display moved around.

Tuesday, April 24

Dear Soldiers
I wish to say it is because of you that people of our country have survived and you are great soldiers. So thank you very much for standing up for your country, we will never forget you.

Dear James Kirkpatrick Simpson and James Henderson

This is a poem I wrote for you.

You are the Donkey Men
That saved many lives
Now many men can go back to their wives.
Many men were hidden in their den when
The Donkey Men came and saved many men.
People would say yo and James came to the rescue
And when clouds were above you saved many lives
And now we're proud!

From Ellie

Poem in memory of the Donkey Men

Thank you, James Henderson, for saving the day,
For taking the injured back home and away.
O thank you, o thank you for saving those lives,
to heal the cuts and stabs from knives.
Your valiance will be remembered even today,
For taking the injured back home and away.

By Catherine


Dear Soldiers of the WW2 ANZACs

I would like to say thank you for sacrificing your freedom and, in some cases, your life, for letting us live in the freedom and peace we have today.  We are thoroughly grateful for your bravery and ability to step up to the plate when needed.

So thanks again.

The Donkey Men!

 I have written this poem because I believe that if the donkey men weren`t there a whole lot more soldiers would have been killed or have died of injuries. I wrote this poem with the thought of what they had to see in the war and how they worked really hard for the soldiers and for the soldiers` families but in all of that time they were being kept apart from their own families. 

Duffy, Murphy, Abdul and Queen Vic,
Go searching around for the poorly or sick
Then the donkey men hop down with a sigh
Then on to the donkeys they get stacked up high
The donkey men wish they couldn't`t see such sadness
Why, oh why, can`t they end this madness.

You walked for days carrying poor injured men
So that they may see their family again
You saved the lives of poor grieved soldiers
While everyday you grow weaker and older

You take them away to be revived
But sometimes all they can do is just die
I feel your pain, your grief and your sorrow
And how you hope that it will be a better tomorrow.

By Stella

Max's ANZAC poem

Flanders Field 

After the war there was peace in the world
Peace between the lands that had fought in it
Peace on the island it was fought on
Peace on the field where so many had fallen
In Flanders Field
Peace in the trenches where the soldiers  felt safe
Peace in the outposts which had been riddled with bullet holes
Peace on the hillside where the donkey men saved so many lives
But darkness had overcome the island
All was dark and damp
Wxcept one field blazing with red poppies

Flanders Field

By Max

Wednesday, March 21

We are a Swim Safe School!

Monday 19 March 2012

Today we had two visitors explaining how to swim safely and to present the school with their NZ Swim Safe School Certificate. One of them was Brenda and the other one was a blue kiwi called Koru. Brenda showed Koru and the school a few swimming tips and gave out some cool prizes for correct answers to questions she asked.

Thursday, March 15

Bugging around with Zane

Today Zane brought a stick bug into Room 11.
Most people probably wouldn't have wanted a bug crawling all over their face, one girl even admitted that she would be screaming but Zane loved having the bug's company. 

Friday, March 2

Mathletics Star of the Week

Zak was the first person to win the Mathlete of the Week Trophy.  He had a whopping score of 9332 points. I will be surprised to see that score again.

By Ben

Thursday, February 23

high academic success

Here is an example of a student aiming for high academic success by taking time and effort to finish his work.
He is using Room 11 goals to get through the year confidently and trouble free.

Friday, February 17

Mac's eye view

 This image shows the amount of concentration that we put into the short story competition. Everyone enjoyed writing for the competition and wrote some good stories.Of course we are all hoping that we win the competition!

Part of our topic is to be ourselves and I think this shows a good example because this giraffe has an elephant head and I think it would seem out of place whenever it was with either kind. This means this elephant would have to be strong and be its self.

Friday, February 10

Teddy Bears' Picnic Photo Story

Max took a lot of great photos today and I thought I would add them to the blog even though he has uploaded his favourite already.

Teddy bear picnic

All dressed up for the Teddy bear picnic, face paint and all! By Max

Thursday, February 9

Welcome to our class blog

This is the place to check out what's been happening in our class. We are starting off with a photo challenge and a competition with the other classes in the Senior and Intermediate Learning Teams.
Our challenge is going to be to upload a photo each school day. A photo of us in action, something that has made us go wow or a photo that shows a concept or theme we are studying.
Starting the ball rolling ...

We are enjoying having our library back now that it is no longer being used as a classroom.