Wednesday, April 28


Hi Mrs H,

We've located where the ferry leaves from and what the statue is and where it is.
Is the statue of Paddington Bear at Paddington railway station in London?

We think that the ferry leaves from Piraeus, Athens. It was a bit of a challenge that we had to research today in class, but most of us found a website that gave us the answer(s) we needed.  We hope we got it correct.

 You can't travel to Switzerland because of the Volcanic eruptions in Iceland leaving behind a huge pitch black ash cloud. Besides all the drama, we hope you've had a great time and the weather has been agreeing with you.

Mad Hair Day was fantastic, lots of people got into the day with wacky hair designs. The House Leaders did a great job to organize the winners and overall it was a really great day!These are the winners from our class:
Most gel used-Matheus
Most Colourful-James
It was such a laugh! We wish you could of been there. ( Mr Chalmers looks really funny in a rainbow mullet! )

Mrs R has been great at teaching us music and art. Recently we have made sgcraffetti walls and have drawn people to glue onto our paper and we have done some monoprints that look really effective. We have also started to learn about how to 'keep the beat' and have come up with some pretty cool moves!

Did you know that Miss Hough is now Mrs Barnes? How exciting!


Laura, Emily and
Kelly on behalf
of Rm7.

Friday, April 23


It was great to read your posts and to hear that you have had great holidays too.  You have done well with checking the information about Hippocrates and Istanbul.  The seaside town in Turkey wasn't Izmir.  Another hint might be to let you know that the Greek island we visited was Kos.  See if you can find a tourist destination where ferries travel to Kos each day.
Doh! We have been grounded and were not able to fly out to Basel, Switzerland or Berlin in Germany. What do you know about this situation? What caused it and what are the results?
We came up with plan B and went to Cornwall to stay for a few days instead.  As we were travelling I found a new friend.  Who is my friend and where is his statue found?

Wednesday, April 21

The answers to your photos

Dear Mrs Hosie,

These are our answers to your photos that you sent us.
We thought that the islands which was the birthplace of Hippocrates was Greece. We know that the Blue Mosque and the largest Bazaar in the world are in Istanbul in Turkey. The city which is the seventh biggest city in the world is Istanbul and it is spread over two continents. We found out that Istanbul was spread over Asia and Europe.
Is the popular tourist resort Izmir? We are not really sure if it is or not.

Can you keep up to date with us while you are flying all over the world.

Hope you have a great time,

Isaac and Kelly on behalf of 
             Rm 7

Tuesday, April 20

Hey Mrs Hosie

A couple of us found out where you went in Europe but the rest of us have to find out this evening so we   can't tell you just yet. We're having a great time over here and we bet it is the same story where you are. It's a shame you have to miss mad hair day because we can tell it's going to be really wild!!! It was funny when we were reviewing the holidays, it turned out that Rm 7 had spread in every direction! We are enjoying researching where in the world you are. The pictures you take are very well thought out, but our favourite was when you put the Mapua School hat on the lion's nose!

Hope to hear from you again,
James and Kelly on behalf of 
Rm 7                             

Wednesday, April 14

Where in the world???

Hi Room 7
I bet  you are all having a great time chilling out with your family and friends.  I hope you leave some messages or posts telling me about the things you got up to in the holidays.

I have been travelling outside of the Uk with Karen, Matt and Brian. Can you work out which cities (there were 3) and countries (2 countries) I visited? Check out the clues and the photos.

The first city we visited has a population of around 15 million people and a guide claimed it is the 7th biggest city in the world; it is the only city in the world which spans 2 continents; it is built on 7 hills, is home to the largest covered bazaar in the world and the Blue mosque.

The second city we visited was on the coast of the Aegean Sea and is a popular tourist resort. Most of our time was spent on the beach (first photo). We also visited a village a few kilometres inland and found a very simple traditional way of life where the families make their living mainly from farming, weaving carpets and kilims. The photos show a mosque, farm animals and the dining area where we were treated to a traditional meal.

We took a ferry to another country made up of many islands. The island we visited was the birthplace of Hippocrates.   We wandered around the island and found many traces of its ancient past in the form of ruins and a tree known as  the tree of Hippocrates (in the center of the town).Which country and island were we on and what is Hipporcrates known for?

Catch you again with more photos and questions for you to find the answers to.
Mrs H

Monday, April 5

It was great to see you had worked out where the first 2 photos were taken. I was very impressed with the extra information you supplied about Singapore. Can you add the information you know about the artist who created the horse sculpture?

Now for the next lot of photos.
I am enjoying looking around London and finding things to share with you.
What can you tell me about the placwes, statues and icons in the photos and their significance to the UK?

Tomorrow we leave London for a week and I will post some photos so you can try to guess which country and city I am visiting.
Ka kite ano
Mrs H