Tuesday, April 24

Dear Soldiers
I wish to say it is because of you that people of our country have survived and you are great soldiers. So thank you very much for standing up for your country, we will never forget you.

Dear James Kirkpatrick Simpson and James Henderson

This is a poem I wrote for you.

You are the Donkey Men
That saved many lives
Now many men can go back to their wives.
Many men were hidden in their den when
The Donkey Men came and saved many men.
People would say yo and James came to the rescue
And when clouds were above you saved many lives
And now we're proud!

From Ellie

Poem in memory of the Donkey Men

Thank you, James Henderson, for saving the day,
For taking the injured back home and away.
O thank you, o thank you for saving those lives,
to heal the cuts and stabs from knives.
Your valiance will be remembered even today,
For taking the injured back home and away.

By Catherine


Dear Soldiers of the WW2 ANZACs

I would like to say thank you for sacrificing your freedom and, in some cases, your life, for letting us live in the freedom and peace we have today.  We are thoroughly grateful for your bravery and ability to step up to the plate when needed.

So thanks again.

The Donkey Men!

 I have written this poem because I believe that if the donkey men weren`t there a whole lot more soldiers would have been killed or have died of injuries. I wrote this poem with the thought of what they had to see in the war and how they worked really hard for the soldiers and for the soldiers` families but in all of that time they were being kept apart from their own families. 

Duffy, Murphy, Abdul and Queen Vic,
Go searching around for the poorly or sick
Then the donkey men hop down with a sigh
Then on to the donkeys they get stacked up high
The donkey men wish they couldn't`t see such sadness
Why, oh why, can`t they end this madness.

You walked for days carrying poor injured men
So that they may see their family again
You saved the lives of poor grieved soldiers
While everyday you grow weaker and older

You take them away to be revived
But sometimes all they can do is just die
I feel your pain, your grief and your sorrow
And how you hope that it will be a better tomorrow.

By Stella

Max's ANZAC poem

Flanders Field 

After the war there was peace in the world
Peace between the lands that had fought in it
Peace on the island it was fought on
Peace on the field where so many had fallen
In Flanders Field
Peace in the trenches where the soldiers  felt safe
Peace in the outposts which had been riddled with bullet holes
Peace on the hillside where the donkey men saved so many lives
But darkness had overcome the island
All was dark and damp
Wxcept one field blazing with red poppies

Flanders Field

By Max