Wednesday, March 21

We are a Swim Safe School!

Monday 19 March 2012

Today we had two visitors explaining how to swim safely and to present the school with their NZ Swim Safe School Certificate. One of them was Brenda and the other one was a blue kiwi called Koru. Brenda showed Koru and the school a few swimming tips and gave out some cool prizes for correct answers to questions she asked.

Thursday, March 15

Bugging around with Zane

Today Zane brought a stick bug into Room 11.
Most people probably wouldn't have wanted a bug crawling all over their face, one girl even admitted that she would be screaming but Zane loved having the bug's company. 

Friday, March 2

Mathletics Star of the Week

Zak was the first person to win the Mathlete of the Week Trophy.  He had a whopping score of 9332 points. I will be surprised to see that score again.

By Ben