Wednesday, March 31

Where in the world?

Hi everyone
I have arrived in London and have uploaded a couple of photos for you.  Now for the research part for you: Which city/country is the hat? What significance does the statue or sculpture hold for the country? Add the answers as a comment or new post for me to see how you got on.
Mrs H

Monday, March 29

Week 9 News

A great end to the term.

Friday, March 26


Friday 12 February was the date of the school triathlon, everybody was sitting under the shade and listening to Mr Taylor giving the briefing. Everyone was watching, their eyes glued to the start line, the first race was about to begin -  "On your marks, GO!

They were racing down the field, eager to come first. They were nearing the final lap. They were all red in the face. They jumped on their bikes and pedalled with all their might. The field was lumpy and not the easiest or fastest surface to ride on. Finally they arrived at the transition and leapt off their bikes, threw off their shoes and helmets to race around to the pool for the third and last section - a refreshing swim. There wasn't much space for overtaking competitors in the pool so the gaps betwween competittors closed up at times and the final sprint to the finish line got very exciting for some age groups as students battled it out for first place.

What a great afternoon, what a great event and what great kids.

Motueka Swimming Sports

SPLASH!!!  We were all very happy to see lots of students representing Mapua School at the Motueka swimming sports.  Everybody was being all they could be and we could see the effort they were putting in.
This describes the students' attitudes at the Motueka Inter-school Swimming Championships on Tuesday 2nd March.  The champs were held at the Motueka High School swimming baths.  Students were selected from the results of the Mapua School swimming sports.  The fastest three students in each age group for the different strokes were the ones that competed against other schools in the district. 

Camp themes

Camp was an amazing time.  Don't just take my word for it, check out the students recounts and animoto video of their photos. (Click on them to get a version large enough to read.)

Wednesday, March 24

Learning about recounts

Before we went on camp we started to learn about recounts.  The first type of recount we learned about was timeline-excitement graphs. We used a planning sheet to decide what we were going to say for each part of the event - before, first, during and  later.  Next we typed the information on the template and then added the graph line (called a histograph) to show how excited we were.  Lastly, we chose pictures to match the text.
Check out our examples.

Sunday, March 21

Week 8 News

The penultimate week of Term 1! Scary how fast the year is disappearing.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the parent/child/teacher interviews this Thursday.

Monday, March 15

Week 7 News

Right now I am looking at some slightly shell shocked students!  After a wonderful week of physical activities from dawn till bedtime, they are in recovery mode and are happy to be sitting quietly for a change.  More news about camp will be coming home as we complete our camp follow up activities.

Have a great week.