Friday, July 12

Bird feeders

Kiora, our class, Room 11 have been making bird feeders or trackers so we can lead native birds to our school. I've seen some birds on them so I now know they are working. So we`re all happy in Room 11.  It is great to see birds coming over to our class. Some of the bird feeders are made of wood, some made of plastic. It`s really good to have it happen. Having loads of birds is  an awesome experience. Hopefully we get loads more.

By Fergus Hall

John Key comes to Mapua school!

Thursday was exciting and action packed. First the Kapahaka group preformed. Then the school sung the national anthem and then the band preformed  "Hall of fame". After that the ukulele group preformed  "the wonky donkey" and "I don't like tomatoes" .It was great.  Mr Taylor and his musical group preformed brilliantly. Mr Key was asked to say something about his visit.We were told a story by John Key .Chris Arkenvole showed his appreciation school by giving us his thanks. In the end I think everyone loved the day. At the end we were given 5 minutes after school to get signatures and say hello. I got my diary signed by John key!
By Fergus Hall


The Maggi cook off was hard, scary and tiring.The hardest part was trying not to faint when I was being interviewed by the camera crew and Erin Simpson. Just waiting for the judges to announce whether they liked your dish or not. I was pretty happy with our dish but the group next to us weren't. They got their dishes plated up but didn't get them sorted the forks were on the other side of the table and the plates were clustered and their dishes were falling over. We had to be recorded saying "YAY" in front of the cameras and so did everyone else just so the judges had time to vote then they were going to put the wining teams "YAY" on TV I now know what TV is like.