Wednesday, June 30

2010 Art Exhibition

The Mapua School Art Exhibition has been a big hit for Mapua School students, especially Room 7.

Room 7 is lucky to have had Maureen Ryan as our Art teacher and part time teacher when Mrs Hosie was travelling the world.
Maureen herself is an artist and has sold her art all around the world.  Room 7 has had a great time with her and has printed or sketched some wonderful art.

We hope you enjoy our exhibition.
We will post more photos of the exhibition soon.

Happy blogging

Room 7

Monday, June 28

Homework Free Zone!

After listening to a couple of speeches last week I have decided to listen to the appeal for no homework.
This term the class has given their best to ensure they are:
  • developing sound habits of mind
  • raising their achievement levels
  • becoming all they can ...
Their speeches have demonstrated their ability to communicate with clarity and precision; their art shows their ability to think flexibly and creatively to try new media and designs; their group work for the Island Survivor activities show they are able to work interdependently; they are learning new maths concepts through applying prior knowledge and building on it to solve everyday problems involving multiplication and division. 
I wish you all a very happy holiday chilling out with your families and friends for the next two weeks.

A special bon voyage to Owen and his family as they travel to Europe for the next five weeks.  We are all looking forward to seeing your photos on the blog Owen.

Speaking of students overseas - Matheus, what are you up to?  How about contacting us. We miss you.

Mrs H

The Room 7 whole school assembly on Friday was a success from the 'Gumboot' song to open through to the trip to Tane's Ark.  I was very proud of the way they all stepped up to the mark and turned on a professional performance - it was enjoyed by all.

Tuesday, June 22

Ripper Rugby News

On Tuesday 15 June, Year 5 and 6 in Rooms; 5, 9 and 7 went to the Motueka Ripper Rugby Tournament. The schools that we were competing against were; Riwaka, Parklands, Motueka South, Upper Moutere, Taperwera as well as the other Mapua teams.   The Mapua teams were; The Legends , The Marcos and The Stingrays. The weather was cold but the teams got through it and didn't let their school down!

The Legends played 7 games and the other two played 6. Why did The Legends team play 7 games? Because they won all six games and they got into the finals. Unfortunately they lost the finals and came second in the pool of teams.

It was a fantastic day!

Cross Country Championships

On Thursday the 11th June a bunch of Year 5, 6, 7 and 8's went to Rabbit Island to perform in an inter school cross country championship. There were about 12 schools competing for the top places and each school brought about 10 people so there was quite a lot of us there.

Mapua did really well.  We got 3 firsts, 3 seconds and 1 third place, so over all we did really well and we won the over all event.

The people that did really well got to go to the regional championships in Nelson on the 21 June.  Once again Mapua did really well coming third overall out of ...? schools.  Go Mapua!

If you get a good placing in that event, you can represent Nelson (and Mapua School) in the inter regionals that are either held in Nelson, Christchurch or Wellington.

These events were great fun and a brilliant way to get active. Everyone had a ball and I can't wait till next year to compete in the 2011 championship.

Monday, June 21

Reflecting on our learning

Complete a fishbone organiser to help you dig down and pinpoint what you have learnt about planning, writing and delivering an effective speech. Click on the detail / example words and add your reflections.  When you have finished save the fishbone as a web page and email it to me or print it off and bring it to school.

Sunday, June 20

Week 10 News

Another great week coming up Room 7.  Put your thinking hats on and see what you can come up with for our assembly this Friday.  Meanwhile news for your parents and your home learning for this week.
Mrs H

Tuesday, June 15

A Rocking Day!

Thursday 11th of June Room 7 and 11 had an air guitar competition. It was a blast!

We had the supplies of 20 pieces of newspaper, feathers, coloured paper, sparkly paper, tape and scissors. We had teams of three, 5 minutes to plan and 30 minutes to make a costume. The costumes  had to have in total; 2 tops, 1 pair of pants, 1 skirt and accessories. The aim of the competition was to have two people from each group dressed in the bizzare costumes and then perform on their  air guitar for 30 seconds in front of the two classes without the costume falling apart.

We were judged on our team work, style of clothes, guitar playing, our paper clothes not ripping apart and if the costume fits.
Everyone had a ball having fun designing the costumes and laughing at the others (in a nice way)!

Sunday, June 13

News and Home Tasks Term 2 Week 9

We now have two students overseas, one in America and one in Australia.  We are thinking of them and hope they are having a great time with their families. Hopefully they will be able to post some photos and tell us what they are up to.  Maybe they might do a 'guess where I am' quiz for us.


Tuesday, June 8

Week 8 News

Hi everyone
Hope you had a great time with your family over the Queen's Birthday weekend.
Ka kite ano

Friday, June 4

Beau's Operation

Hi Rm 7,
Beau had her operation yesterday morning and it all went great. She was so upset that she couldn't go into the playroom yesterday that she was crying and crying until the nurse came and told her that she could use it today. We are going to go and see her later on but for now we need to catch up on some things-like sleep!!!

What are you up to at school, anything interesting, is Mrs Hosie back at school? How are the lino prints going? I bet they look great!

We are staying in the Waldorf Hotel, Ronald Mcdonald house has two floors of hotel rooms (10 and 3) where they send people if their main place is full. We are staying on floor 10 and it's really high. We have a balcony it's only small but it's enough to scare my mum so much that she won't go near it, but personally I think it's great! I wish we were on the top floor (18)!


Tuesday, June 1

Hi Rm 7!

Hi Rm 7,

I've been having a great time in Auckland. The plane ride was really fast and I got to hand out the Air New Zealand lollies so we got to keep all the leftovers of them!YUM!!! We are staying in Parklane Motel but tomorrow we are going to stay at Ronald McDonald House while Beau is in hospital after her surgery on Thursday.

Yesterday we went to Rainbows End for 4 hours.
 I went on The Fear Fall,
                                                                                                                        The Log Flume,


 The Corkscrew Roller Coaster,
                                                                                                                        The Invador,

 The Gold Rush,                                                                                             The Pirate Ship,

Motion Master,                                                                                          The Arcade,                        


 and Cadbury Castle ( I'm sorry Laura, there's no chocolate in there)!
 I hope you're having fun at school this week and I can't wait to tell you more about this trip, but I've got to go, we're going crystal panning.