Wednesday, November 7

Go wild at wild tomato

On the 22nd of October the magazine team went to visit the Wild Tomato editor, Jack Martin, to learn more about creating a magazine that stands out from the crowd.

We were greeted by Jack at the magazine office where we asked questions that we needed to know the answers to if we were to produce a magazine by the end of the year.  Jack answered our questions with information to inspire us to write our magazine.  

Jack took us through to the magazine's designer, Annabel, so we could learn how to make our magazine's layout eye-catching and appealing to our readers.  She answered all our questions and showed examples of her work to give us a clearer idea of what she meant.

We came  back to school with inspiring ideas forming in our mind.  We can't wait to get started on our articles, photos and page layout ideas.

 Jack finds using Google Docs to organise and store information invaluable.  We are using Google Apps as our online organiser and place to draft our articles this year.

 We are going to try using a new system to work out how our magazine articles and pages will fit together. Annabel showed how she uses a table or spreadsheet to help work out the layout of articles, photos and advertisements.
 Wild Tomato covers look great on the wall in the office.


Tuesday, November 6

2012 Rock Fest

 On Tuesday, the 30th of October, Wildfire and the Year 8 band went off to Stoke School to perform in the annual Nelson Rock Fest.

 There were 27 bands performing and both Mapua School bands had to go second and third to last! They had to wait the whole day listening to all the other bands. When they finally got up on stage and performed, they were brilliant. The Year 8 Band played Little Wonders and Proud Mary, and Wildfire played Pork and Beans and Love Love Love.

The Rock fest was not a competition but there were prizes to be won if your school's name was pulled out of the hat. Mapua didn't win anything because the man who pulled the names out of the hat dropped the piece of paper with Mapua's name on the ground - they almost won a 50 dollar voucher for music equipment.

Even though they didn't win anything everyone still enjoyed themselves.