Wednesday, August 22

Funky Fashion!

It was Ecofest in the weekend and nine girls from our school entered a Funky Fashion competition. They had to design and make a outfit either out of recycled materials or spend a maximum of ten dollars at op shops or second hand stores. Most of them entered recycled fashion but two people entered op shop.

People got really creative and we ended up with a paper diva, a fantastic plastic, a stripy divine, a recycled punk, and a green supreme. We had a really cool dressing room with lights around the mirrors just like movie stars. The show started at 12:30 with Ranzau School going first and then it was our time to shine.

Kate and Emily's dress went first. They had a multicolured plastic skirt and patched up top finished off with jewelery made from recycled materials.

Then it was Analese and Shaylem`s dress. Theirs was made completely out of plastic bags and bottle tops.

Next was Ellie. She had a skirt made out of magazine fans and a top made out of a sarong.

Then it was Taliha's turn . She had a dress and umbrella made out of building paper and buttons to add flair.

Then Sophie came on with her vine protector skirt and black and white plastic bag top.

Taylor May displayed Tahlia's op shop outfit. She was one of the four op-shop entries. She had a red top, flower skirt, black tights and back high heels.

The last design from our school was Stella's. Sylvie was her model. She wore a green checkered skirt and white singlet with a green cardigan with a flower on top.

It was great to hear that Tahlia won the junior section and Ellie, who used to go to Mapua School, won the senior section.

All the girls really liked  being able to strut their stuff on the catwalk. Check out our designs and some of the other entries in our video clip.


Keen Lunch Ladies Start Fundraising

Cameron came up with the idea of fundraising for camp 2013 ALREADY!

 Our camp next year will be in third week of term one, leaving no time for fundraising. Cameron and his keen group of lunch ladies, Mac, Ben, and Zac, cooked up some sausages on Monday and earned $117.40 profit.

POPCORN - Warming up the kernels!

The Intermediate and Senior classes started a new programme to promote imaginative and creative thinking in term 3.

Just before the end of term 2, we were asked what our top 3 choices would be. Now, every Friday after morning tea, we go to different classrooms to build or create something that we enjoy. The options are:- Imagining and creating - metamorphosis; interpretation using shadow puppets; painting on canvas; creating movies with environmentally friendly messages; building gardens and beautifying the school; and creating from recycled goodies. Here is a movie that shows the start of the POPCORN programme! Enjoy!

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.