Wednesday, July 28

Lara's paintings

Hola guys it's Lara here and I have been learning lots of cool things like playing a traditional malay toy called a Gasing. It's like a spinning top but instead of using your hand you use string. I  learned how to
paint a cat because my aunty is a artist.
I also had a birthday party and got lots of presents from my auntes but my birthday isn't until the tenth of August it was so fun.

Well I've got to go to the crocodile farm now so I'll write to you soon 
P.S sorry I can't show you any photos my aunties laptop is VERY slow.

Monday, July 26

Lara and cousins!!!

Hey guys it's me again and I have left Dad's resort and have come to stay with my 4 cousins in Johor Bahru, . I guess your woundering what I've been up too, well the answer to  that is simple SHOPPING!!!  I'm just kidding. I've actually been to this really awesome midnight park and yes it's only open at midnight.
Sorry guys I've got to run I'll write to you soon.Lara

News and Home Tasks Term 3 Week 2

Have a great week everyone.

Friday, July 23

Fun in the sun with Lara

Hey Guys, it's Lara here! I am having a great time in Malaysia at my Dad's resort. It's 30 degrees here, much more hotter than New Zealand!! and there are heaps more sandflies here!

I've been snorkelling, walking, rock climbing and learning awesome card tricks!

We have seen lizards, a deer and heaps of fish like Nemo, stone fish and lots of sting rays, not to mention the huge parrot fish.

Soon I am going over to see my rellies in Johor Bahru.

Check out the photos I've taken during my holiday!

Thursday, July 22

Hello every one

I'm in Wales right know.I'll show you some photos from our trip so far.Guess were I've been.I've been to france and.......DISNEYLAND!!!

Sunday, July 18

Welcome back!

I agree with Kelly on her first point (see the post below) - just when you are really getting into the swing of holidays, they end!
But, not sure about the tiredness.  Maybe you need to come to school to pep up and get re-energised?
I am looking forward to catching up with all the holiday goss this week.
If you would like to complete the Y chart on the computer, send me an email and I will send you the file.

Mrs H

Saturday, July 17

The Holidays

Hey Rm 7,

My holidays have been great! I've had heaps of time to chill out with family this week, and of course a lot of fun with friends at my "TWILIGHT" birthday party last week!

There is a few bad points about the holidays which are: 1. They have to end, and 2. They make you feel exhausted! As evidence of the tiredness I have included some pics of last night when I fell into a sound sleep on top of my dog, Sam.

See you in school,

Saturday, July 10

2010 Art Exhibition - reflections

All the hype and excitement of the art exhibition is over - until the next one!  Time now, to reflect on what we learnt from the process we went through to produce work that we were proud of.
We all selected the art work that we were most proud of - hard choice for most of us - and inserted it into our reflections document.  Here is what Zarek had to say before he raced off to America.

Friday, July 2

Yay it's holiday time!!!

Finally some time to ourselves. Room 7 (and all NZ students) are on holiday for the next  two weeks. Even though it's the holidays, we're still hoping that Matheus, Owen (thanks for your first post Owen - hope you read our comment) and Lara will post on our blog to let us know what they are doing overseas.

Thursday, July 1

Speech Reflections

We have been thinking about all the different things we have learnt as we worked on our speeches.  Kelly has used the fishbone organiser to note down her reflections.

Mapua Magic on show

Hi room 7!

Hello everybody Its nice and warm over  here in England. Right now Im staying at my Aunties house in Billingshurst with my cousins Jack and Hannah.We are really tired!!!We Have been to Wellington, Sydney, and Bangkok. In Sydney we went to Taronga Zoo. There were so many animals like a Komodo Dragon,Salt water croc, Red panda, Kodiac Bear, Snow lepored, Hippo, Girafe, Zebra and lots of other animals and insects.Hope you are all ok.(P.s. I will try and get some photos on soon.)

From Owen