Thursday, February 23

high academic success

Here is an example of a student aiming for high academic success by taking time and effort to finish his work.
He is using Room 11 goals to get through the year confidently and trouble free.

Friday, February 17

Mac's eye view

 This image shows the amount of concentration that we put into the short story competition. Everyone enjoyed writing for the competition and wrote some good stories.Of course we are all hoping that we win the competition!

Part of our topic is to be ourselves and I think this shows a good example because this giraffe has an elephant head and I think it would seem out of place whenever it was with either kind. This means this elephant would have to be strong and be its self.

Friday, February 10

Teddy Bears' Picnic Photo Story

Max took a lot of great photos today and I thought I would add them to the blog even though he has uploaded his favourite already.

Teddy bear picnic

All dressed up for the Teddy bear picnic, face paint and all! By Max

Thursday, February 9

Welcome to our class blog

This is the place to check out what's been happening in our class. We are starting off with a photo challenge and a competition with the other classes in the Senior and Intermediate Learning Teams.
Our challenge is going to be to upload a photo each school day. A photo of us in action, something that has made us go wow or a photo that shows a concept or theme we are studying.
Starting the ball rolling ...

We are enjoying having our library back now that it is no longer being used as a classroom.