Friday, March 22

People Savers

On Wednesday the 6th of March we did an interesting activity:
People Savers! For those of you who don't know what the People Savers course is it's when a medic from the Red Cross comes and teaches us what to do in times of extreme emergency for example ....
Car crashes
. Fires
. Burns
. Choking

In each of these we were taught to be calm and help in any way possible.
To remember what we had to do in an emergency we can use Drs ABC

Send for help

Art competition

Room 11 are having an art competition!
you can enter your art by e-mailing us a photo or sending your art in for us to post. You must have proof that it is your artwork otherwise you will not be entered in to the competition a parents signature will be fine. We will put all art on the Room 11's blog so you can vote by putting a comment saying who's you like. You may only vote once, any votes with no name will not be counted.

There are mystery prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd . We need all your entries in by June 25th. We will accept any kind of art from graffiti to clay. You must be 4 to 14 to enter, no older or younger. Teachers can tell their students but can not do it for them or under there name. Please abide by the rules and have fun creating your masterpiece. Send your art to Room 11 as a photo or the art.The staff will vote as well.You can only put in one piece of art. You can not vote for yourself. look for a art competition update to find the art to vote.
entry 1

entry 2
entry 3
entry 4

entry 5


Wednesday, March 20

Sneak preview of our camp ...

We are busy working on on our letters of thanks to make sure everyone who helped us with our camp knows that their efforts were appreciated. Once these are finished we will add more posts about our camp experiences.  Until then take a peak at the photos in this slideshow.

Monday, March 18

Divisibility Rules

We have been talking about prime numbers, composite numbers and factors.  When working on these ideas we found that students who knew the rules of divisibility were able to work out the factors of any given number or whether a number was prime or composite faster than those who didn't know the rules.

Check out the movies or read the info on these websites to clear up the Divisibility Rules Mystery and beat the others to the answers!

Divisibility rules for 3 and 9

Rules for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10

Another movie with examples at this website

Can you find rules for 7 and 8?????

Sunday, March 10

Mandala art.




  Mandala Art

 Room 11 were chosen to put some artwork in the staffroom.
The steps that got us there were :

all the mandala's together.
  1. Find out what the task meant.
  2. Plan what we were going to do and use.  That's where we hit a problem - what were we going to do?
  3. So that's also where we had to put another step.
  4. Collect different ideas of what we could put in the staffroom. Luckily Mrs Hosie found examples of mandala art that we all liked.
  5. At art time we had to list at least eight things that represented us.
  6. We had to draw around a CD 4 times and then draw four drafts of our own mandala pattern. Each had to have in it at least one thing that represents us in symbols and drawings not words.
  7. Next we had to choose one of the drafts that we had drawn and then draw it onto a piece of white card.
  8. Mrs Hosie bought some watercolor pencils and we used them to add colour to bring our designs to life.  (Later some people experimented with just black and white designs and they looked cool too.)  
Putting it on paper.

Stage 4 and 5


Alfie's awesome artwork.
painting in action.

Stage 4

Finished mandala! 

Swimming Sports

                                  Swimming Sports

Last Friday the Year 5 to 8 students went to the Riwaka School pool for our swimming sports.

It was a really hot day so hitting the water was a really cool way to start the day. Everyone competed in at least two events.  We had a lot of fun and surprises with several new improved timings being recorded. 

For most people their favourite part of the day was the Teacher on a Chair race where each House had their House teacher sitting on a chair with 4 of the strongest/tallest Year 8s pulling them through the water to the other end. There has never been a year when a teacher hasn`t cheated! We had a special person competing in the Teacher on a Chair race this year. Instead of Mr Clearwater - Mr Clearwater`s twin sister Simone, wearing a stunning green swim suit made an appearance.
Mr Clearwater's twin sister, Simone.

Teacher on a chair?  Define 'on'.

By Sophie

Friday, March 8

Camp preparation

Split Apple Rock
Wow the start of the year has flown past and already camp is four days away! Room 11 is going to Totaranui.This week we have been preparing for camp with the people saving course by Red Cross which will be a big help if we get into trouble while at camp. We also have done a catwalk in our raincoats and tramping shoes today which was really fun. At camp we will be  kayaking, abseiling, walking to Separation point, on the last night we will be building our own bivouacs and sleeping in them on the lawn outside the homestead and lots more cool stuff.Totaranui is a 1km long beach in the Able Tasman. It is where the Ngai Tahu tribe first landed in New Zealand. It used to be a farming settlement owned by the Pratt and Gibb families but the Gibb family homestead was burnt in a fire. The Pratt family homestead has been changed into a education learning centre. When Nelson had that big rain last year and we had big flooding- the road between  Wainui bay and Totaranui was damaged by the slips and the road stayed closed over the Christmas holidays - the only way to access Totaranui was by boat. We will have lots of fun over in Totaranui and we hope if you go over there you will too.