Wednesday, September 21

An extreme sporting cousin

James Davidson
My cousin James is 27 years old and very tall. He’s 6 foot 8 inches and lives in Wellington.
 He was in the water polo team for NZ and has played against many international teams. Unfortunately he injured his shoulder and had to retire recently.
I look up to him hugely. He is very persistent, determined and never gives up! He sets goals and achieves them. He’s very kind, caring and considerate.
He has had lots of concussions from hitting his head e.g. he’s knocked himself out mountain biking with his best friend Harry, he cracked his head open swinging off a rope at a pool and lots more playing water polo.
He comes down to Nelson every so often to stay with us. Usually we spend most of the time in the pool. He throws me in. It’s really fun! Since I was little I have always liked to ride around on his shoulders messing up his hair and pulling his cap over his eyes.

By Maia

Tuesday, September 20

Describing a wonderful mother

Fiona is fantastic at managing Samuel's football team, this is just one of the reasons I love my mum.
I love the holidays my mum takes us on, they are always awesome!
Outstanding at cooking, especially on camp (she always makes lasagna).
Never stops working, 'a tidy house is a happy mum.'  But wait, there's more I can tell you about my great and wonderful mum.
A person who will be there when you need her, no matter what happens.

Will always keep me busy, she always knows what's best for me.
Idol to me and my brothers.
Lots of people like her, she is the greatest mum around.
She is a very tough cookie, always beats me in arm wrestles.
Only person that keeps me clean - not that I enjoy it!
Never sleeps in (unless it is her birthday).

Using our descriptive writing skills to describe our fathers

James' Dad
My dad is a man you would think is shy and quiet. He is also very nice and amazing at sailing.

He sailed in the South Korea and Barcelona Olympic Games.  He also sailed in 3 America Cup challenges for Team New Zealand, Team Tag Heuer and Team Oracle. You can see his picture at the N.Z. Maritime Museum with Sir Peter Blake and the Steinlager Team when they won the Whitbread round the world race.

He is a master boat builder and good at making ropes. He also loves classic cars.

I love my dad and am very proud of him.

Chloe's Dad

My Dad is 35 years old and he is quite tall.  He helps me almost every time I need it and it makes me feel special in a way.  He used to help me with my maths because I used to struggle.  He taught me how to fish.

He also helps me with my homework on tough questions, with my netball training and with my projects too.

My dad loves to play rugby but his knee cap popped out three times when he was younger. He still plays rugby but just with his mates.

Another sport he likes to play is tennis which he plays almost everyday.

I love my dad because he always makes me try new things, he's really funny and he takes me to lots of new places.

Molly's Dad

My dad's name is Chris.  He is 42 and he has brown hair, brown eyes and he is quite short.  He is NOT a dwarf.

My dad is married to my step mum Pip and has four kids: me, Sylvie, Jimmy and John.  Jimmy and John are my half brothers.

He works as a soundie in movies, TV shows and documentaries.  He has worked on lots of films and TV shows including Tin Tin, The Wot Wots, Paradise Cafe, The Frighteners and The Lord of the Rings.  At the moment he is working on the Hobbit. My Dad lives in Wellington but travels quite a bit for work.  Usually he only travels around the North Island but sometimes he goes to other places and sometimes even to different countries!

Because Dad lives in Wellington, I don't see him every day.  I fly to Wellington twice a term and we stay with him for two weeks in the school holidays and half the Christmas holidays.

I love my dad and I know he loves me too.

Thursday, September 8

Juggling is in!

If you didn't catch our act at Friday's assembly, here's some photos of us practicing our juggling skills.

Science Rocks

We have been heads down and going for it with our investigations that we hope will be chosen to go into the Cawthron Science and Technology Fair in two weeks time.

Sunday, September 4

The Music Scene

We have a group of talented musicians and singers working on the skills required for playing in a band.  These skills are hard!  All of a sudden you need to be very precise with your timing to stay in sync (nothing worse than listening to a band where people are out of time), you need to listen to others and you need to practice hard so you do not let the group down.

This band and the Y8 one are practicing hard so that they can wow the crowds at Red Square on the 4th October.

Space Craft

A day spent imagining, innovating and creating resulted in some pretty awesome space vehicles set against planetary back drops.

Hope you enjoyed the trip beyond Planet Earth.