Wednesday, July 6

Hi to Jack and Finlay

It's going to be a Magical Mystery Tour

Everyone is flat out preparing for the Mapua School production, 'The Magical Mystery Tour'.

In Room 7 the desks have been pushed back, the exercise books are stacked away and the floor has been marked out as a stage. Our days are full of paper mache, material, feathers, beads and glitter as we recreate the Mexican legend, 'How Music was Fetched from Heaven'.

When we are not working on props, we work on perfecting our roles - staying focussed on what our character would be thinking, feeling and saying; using facial expressions, our voices and gestures to portray the character in a believable manner.

Unfortunately our dance teacher was unable to keep coming in to teach us so we have had to rework how we are going to end our scene - it's a bit rough at the moment but by the time we hit the stage we'll be fine...

We have put together some photos for you to see what we have been doing.

Sunday, July 3

Some of that good old Rock'n'Roll

Our Mission was

Wednesday, Week 7, Term 2

1:30pm, Dance Teacher  of unknown intent enters the room

She will order you to DANCE YOUR PANTS OFF

If you survive... you will be rewarded greatly!

Do you accept your mission?

Tuesday, Week 9, Term 2
Step front, click, ...
Mission Review
Step, turn, ...

Boys doing their thing

Room 7 really danced their pants off! First it started off with the dance teacher, Gemma, coming in through the door. She explained that her name was Gemma and then we started to listen and learn. Mrs Hosie explained that this was for the school's production and the song was going to be 'Gimme some of that good old Rock'n'Roll Music, by The Beatles.
We started off putting one foot in front of the other and stamping the front of our foot and clicking our fingers then it was a spin and clap. Then strike a pose for the boys and the girls did a shuffle up-and-down then the girls did their strike'a-pose and the boys did their thing.

It is going to look great - once we get all  the moves so they are in time with the music and we are in unison!!!!