Friday, May 27

Stopping Demonstration

In an effort to lower or eliminate the death toll of children being hit by vehicles on the road, the Transport Department are running demonstrations to show just how lethal speed can be.  At present the statistics show that 17 children die each year as a result of being hit by a vehicle.  I wonder what the statistics are for children being hurt or maimed due to being hit by vehicles?

Tait put together this Animoto video of the stopping demonstration held in Iwa Street, Mapua.

Wednesday, May 18

Poetry In The Style Of Shel Silverstein

I cannot go to school today,
Said Little Jonny Ted McKay,
I feel sick, I'm constipated,
My brain power is over-rated!
I've been poisoned by a nuke,
And now I think I'm going to puke.
Down my leg-a cut, a gash,
Across my face, a big, red rash.
Inside my stomach are painful ails,
My head is full of big steel nails.
From last night, I'm completely drunk,
I think from school I'll do a bunk! 
I'm to tired to socialise,
A day off school, that will make me rise!
I've got a headache, now I feel dizzy,
One school day is just too busy.
From a fall I've a broken leg,
This injury's brought me down a peg!
I bumped my head, as I'm tall and lanky,
My Maths teacher is just so cranky.
My bladders like a leaking tap,
I can't go to school, I lost the map.
I've got cramp and a big black bruise,
Spots come up in ones and twos.
A wooden branch fell on my head,
It would be healthy to stay in bed!
I've gone green; I look like a frog,
I'm always trying to get to the bog.
My skin looks like lumpy custard,
My brain feels like a ton of mustard!
Last nights chicken gave me Salmonella,
I'm about to lose what makes me a fella!
Nasty turquoise is the colour of my drool,

Whats that? Whats that you say?
You say today is...Saturday?!
G'bye, I'm going out to play!

By Finlay