Wednesday, November 27

E Comida Epanól (A Spanish Meal)

"And...... Step away from the plates!"
That was it, this way all that we could do to our carefully prepared dish of Spanish omelet, water melon wrapped in ham and torrejas (The Spanish version of French  toast)
Following the recipe provided, we cooked and prepared all of the three parts of the meal.

Well the Melon De Jamòn (ham and watermelon), basically says what it was.... watermelon wrapped up in ham. The chorizo and potato omelette was an entirely different manner and was possibly the most yummy and well liked dish in the classroom. Last but not least, there were some very, very delicious torrejas (tor-ee-ha-s), a Spanish version of french toast, with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on slices of bread after being soaked and toasted. It was a yummy treat to finish off the Spanish meal.   

 Melon de Jamon.                                                                                The spanish dish, Torrejas.

Our brilliant finishing dish.

Friday, August 9

Enviro-Rich Learning

What a fantastic way to end our Enviro-Rich programme.  We had a great time finding out what each group had been doing and the end result of their work last term.  Check out the photos to get a glimpse of what we saw today.

Friday, July 12

Bird feeders

Kiora, our class, Room 11 have been making bird feeders or trackers so we can lead native birds to our school. I've seen some birds on them so I now know they are working. So we`re all happy in Room 11.  It is great to see birds coming over to our class. Some of the bird feeders are made of wood, some made of plastic. It`s really good to have it happen. Having loads of birds is  an awesome experience. Hopefully we get loads more.

By Fergus Hall

John Key comes to Mapua school!

Thursday was exciting and action packed. First the Kapahaka group preformed. Then the school sung the national anthem and then the band preformed  "Hall of fame". After that the ukulele group preformed  "the wonky donkey" and "I don't like tomatoes" .It was great.  Mr Taylor and his musical group preformed brilliantly. Mr Key was asked to say something about his visit.We were told a story by John Key .Chris Arkenvole showed his appreciation school by giving us his thanks. In the end I think everyone loved the day. At the end we were given 5 minutes after school to get signatures and say hello. I got my diary signed by John key!
By Fergus Hall


The Maggi cook off was hard, scary and tiring.The hardest part was trying not to faint when I was being interviewed by the camera crew and Erin Simpson. Just waiting for the judges to announce whether they liked your dish or not. I was pretty happy with our dish but the group next to us weren't. They got their dishes plated up but didn't get them sorted the forks were on the other side of the table and the plates were clustered and their dishes were falling over. We had to be recorded saying "YAY" in front of the cameras and so did everyone else just so the judges had time to vote then they were going to put the wining teams "YAY" on TV I now know what TV is like.

Wednesday, June 12

Alfie's bird feeder

                                      My bird feeder


First we took the peanuts out of the shells.It was hard to get them out.   We put them in the food  processor, it was loud. It was going spin spin.All the  peanuts   got    chopped up and they made peanut butter.We pushed the butter into the pine cone really hard . Then we rolled the pine cone in  bird seed. We had  to put some string at the top of  the cone  so we could hang it in the tree.

Monday, June 10

Music or Sport

Music or sport? Sport or music? Many people when faced with this question would choose sport. Personally, I have nothing against sport, I am a great netball fan. However, in the following paragraphs I am going to outline the facts and advantages of music. For example music includes everyone, it is extremely popular and is very enjoyable. Who needs sport when you can dance around madly with your friends for an hour or two? What would you choose? Music or sport?

Music is for anyone and everyone on earth. No matter how old or young, how strange or odd, everyone will love music if they just find the right song for themselves. There are millions and millions of songs, albums and artists to choose from. You don’t even have to be able to play it, you can just listen to it. Did you know that there’s more than 6.5 billion songs written or broadcasted. That's a lot of songs!

Music is very popular so you can play it or listen to it with most people. Music was officially said to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment on Earth. Hundreds of competitions are run each year for singing and music. If you enter one you might just win! Did you know that if you sing sitting down for twenty minutes you burn 34 calories! If you sing for the same mount of time standing up you burn 45 calories! Who needs sport!

Many people listen to or play music. You will find music everywhere. Heaps and heaps of people play music in the world. You could be one of them? The Maori, the native people of New Zealand, used music instead of words most of the time. They found the singing easier than speaking because they could express their feelings easier. You can join or create a band quite easily with friends or family. Research shows that music is also very soothing and is good for your breathing. All in all it is very good for your health and can only do good.

Music is, overall, far better than sport. It includes everyone, however weird or wacky. Bob Marley (a famous singer) once said that “when music hits you for the first time, you feel no pain. “ Who can say that about sport! It is extremely popular and can be found just about anywhere you may go or visit. Music is fantastically enjoyable  and has been  proven to be relaxing and good for the muscles. Imagine our world without music. Movies would be boring and dull, no tension or feel to them. Discos and concerts wouldn’t exist and millions of people like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga wouldn’t be famous or have any fame or fortune. When you play music, you are practically doing sport, seeing as you burn so many calories! To round this off, I can truthfully say that music is much better than sport.

By Molly

Friday, June 7

Netball show down 2013

Breaking news - teachers beat year 8s in netball!!

It was a beautiful day on Friday 7 of May. The year 8s and the teachers were having a show down to see who should be crowned champions.

The start of the game was a little bit slow but then the pace picked up massively - at the end of the game they were sweaty train wrecks! The game was full of excitement as the teachers kept the ball in the year 8's territory. The year 8s felt the pressure near the end and you could just see it, it was really nerve racking. I think I was a bit more worried than the people on the court. There were lots of close calls with the goals. I can't believe that one of the year 8 shots didn't go in, it was so close!

In the end everyone in the school who watched the game, which was more than half, had a great time watching the game, cheering and screaming. It was just such a great game!

By Fergus Hall

Wednesday, May 29

Mapua E

Hey everyone, look what I found.  A YouTube video of the waiata we are practicing at the moment.

They sing Tumatauenga whereas we sing Mapua because that is our place, our people.

This is what we sing on our marae here at Waiouru Army Camp. We are Ngati Tumatauenga, the people of the war god. And the Youtube clip shows them performing it while peacekeeping in Bosnia in 1995.But you should insert the name of your group here, or sing Te Iwi E ! E karanga e te iwi e.
Boys, can you get to this standard? Of course you can :  )

Art Comp update

Here are the Art comp entries!!!
If you want to vote, leave a comment with the number ( which will be beside the photo )in it.
If you want to enter bring Your art work to room 11 and give it to Emily, Reuben or Sophie.

We have changed the journalists this term. Your new writers are...

Fergus, Molly, Natasha and Alfie ( and Barbara )!!!
Fergus wrote the Cross Country article, While Molly was away overseas she wrote a poem and a letter.
Emily, Reuben and myself will carry on with the Art Comp so keep bringing in your pictures.

Good luck to our new writers.

Monday, May 27

Mapua school cross country!

The day of the cross country was chaos. Everyone was worried. The start of the races were absolutely nerve raking, just waiting for the loud "GO!" was the worst part. You didn't even know when they would yell it out at you, then suddenly there was the on your marks then "GO!" We ran as fast as we could. The first lap was quite easy and the second and third weren't that bad but the fourth lap was HARD! Finally we realized how hard the race actually was - first came the stitch then the thirst.
It was a real good ending. 1st 2nd and 3rd were miles ahead of me then I came in 4th racing for my water bottle and gulping down water. I was happy I had finished and I enjoyed it. At first it seemed like it would be very boring doing the race but it turned out to be a huge success. Before we left we had prize giving, thanked Mr Taylor for organising the whole event and gave him a big clap then we headed back to school and packed our bags and went home. What a great day, I thought.
By Fergus

Thursday, May 9

Welcome to Term 2

This is a waiata we are learning this term and it seems appropriate to put it in this welcome post.

Monday, April 15

Molly's Poem

Listening to the rain

I'm sitting here in the sunroom
Listening to the rain
Writing, writing scratchy pencil
Listening to the rain

The treehouse is soaking the flowers are drenched
Listening to the rain
The badmington net is swaying in the wind
Listening to the rain

The clouds are here the sun is gone
Listening to the rain
Beanos littered across the floor
Listening to the rain

The voices of adults, jabbering, jabbering
Listening to the rain
Droplets of water running past me
Listening to the rain

Pattering, pattering on the roof
Listening to the rain
A little red robin hops along past
Listening to the rain

By Molly

Monday, April 8

WOW- flowers

This WOW! event was found by Emily.

  In 1936 a simple flower parade became the oldest and most celebrated flower show in all of Europe. Zundert in the Netherlands has hosted the show since it started and the town looks after an average of 50 000 visitors who come to look at the displays.
The creators use dahlias for the displays and they build gravity defying sculptures. The shows occur the first Sunday in September each year. Each float uses six to eight million dahlias.

Sunday, April 7

Hello from England!!!!

Molly's Blog

Okay this is kind of strange seeing as I'm the other side of the world from Room 11 but here goes... The flight over was HUGE! We had to stop at Christchurch, Sydney, Bangkok, Dubai and then landed at Heathrow airport in Sussex. I thought I saw Adam’s dad on one flight because Adam said he left the same day as us and went to the same places, which is a bit of a coincidence.
It’s very sunny today but the day before yesterday we had snow! Unfortunately that was the day we all went shopping so we got a bit chilly. I'm currently at my grandparents house after seeing the other grandparents and cousins. We had a huge clean up of the garden yesterday [as we do every time we come here] and a huge bonfire on the dirt field. It was a bit strange having a bonfire because you're not allowed to have them in NZ.

We're going up to London tomorrow and we're going to an absolutely huge toyshop, which used to be the biggest in the world! We're trying to buy birthday presents for Mum and Dad because their birthdays are very soon.  On the way back from England we are stopping in Bangkok for a couple of days for my dad’s birthday, we've been joking around a bit saying we'll get him an elephant for a birthday present.

For some schoolwork and for a bit of fun I'm writing a story.

Friday, March 22

People Savers

On Wednesday the 6th of March we did an interesting activity:
People Savers! For those of you who don't know what the People Savers course is it's when a medic from the Red Cross comes and teaches us what to do in times of extreme emergency for example ....
Car crashes
. Fires
. Burns
. Choking

In each of these we were taught to be calm and help in any way possible.
To remember what we had to do in an emergency we can use Drs ABC

Send for help

Art competition

Room 11 are having an art competition!
you can enter your art by e-mailing us a photo or sending your art in for us to post. You must have proof that it is your artwork otherwise you will not be entered in to the competition a parents signature will be fine. We will put all art on the Room 11's blog so you can vote by putting a comment saying who's you like. You may only vote once, any votes with no name will not be counted.

There are mystery prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd . We need all your entries in by June 25th. We will accept any kind of art from graffiti to clay. You must be 4 to 14 to enter, no older or younger. Teachers can tell their students but can not do it for them or under there name. Please abide by the rules and have fun creating your masterpiece. Send your art to Room 11 as a photo or the art.The staff will vote as well.You can only put in one piece of art. You can not vote for yourself. look for a art competition update to find the art to vote.
entry 1

entry 2
entry 3
entry 4

entry 5


Wednesday, March 20

Sneak preview of our camp ...

We are busy working on on our letters of thanks to make sure everyone who helped us with our camp knows that their efforts were appreciated. Once these are finished we will add more posts about our camp experiences.  Until then take a peak at the photos in this slideshow.