Monday, May 27

Mapua school cross country!

The day of the cross country was chaos. Everyone was worried. The start of the races were absolutely nerve raking, just waiting for the loud "GO!" was the worst part. You didn't even know when they would yell it out at you, then suddenly there was the on your marks then "GO!" We ran as fast as we could. The first lap was quite easy and the second and third weren't that bad but the fourth lap was HARD! Finally we realized how hard the race actually was - first came the stitch then the thirst.
It was a real good ending. 1st 2nd and 3rd were miles ahead of me then I came in 4th racing for my water bottle and gulping down water. I was happy I had finished and I enjoyed it. At first it seemed like it would be very boring doing the race but it turned out to be a huge success. Before we left we had prize giving, thanked Mr Taylor for organising the whole event and gave him a big clap then we headed back to school and packed our bags and went home. What a great day, I thought.
By Fergus