Wednesday, June 12

Alfie's bird feeder

                                      My bird feeder


First we took the peanuts out of the shells.It was hard to get them out.   We put them in the food  processor, it was loud. It was going spin spin.All the  peanuts   got    chopped up and they made peanut butter.We pushed the butter into the pine cone really hard . Then we rolled the pine cone in  bird seed. We had  to put some string at the top of  the cone  so we could hang it in the tree.


  1. Great work Alfie. Now you will be able to observe the birds eating. I wonder what type of birds you will see?
    Mrs H

  2. What a super idea Alfie, we might give this a go at home! You've described it so well in your writing, I'll know exactly what to do!