Monday, June 10

Music or Sport

Music or sport? Sport or music? Many people when faced with this question would choose sport. Personally, I have nothing against sport, I am a great netball fan. However, in the following paragraphs I am going to outline the facts and advantages of music. For example music includes everyone, it is extremely popular and is very enjoyable. Who needs sport when you can dance around madly with your friends for an hour or two? What would you choose? Music or sport?

Music is for anyone and everyone on earth. No matter how old or young, how strange or odd, everyone will love music if they just find the right song for themselves. There are millions and millions of songs, albums and artists to choose from. You don’t even have to be able to play it, you can just listen to it. Did you know that there’s more than 6.5 billion songs written or broadcasted. That's a lot of songs!

Music is very popular so you can play it or listen to it with most people. Music was officially said to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment on Earth. Hundreds of competitions are run each year for singing and music. If you enter one you might just win! Did you know that if you sing sitting down for twenty minutes you burn 34 calories! If you sing for the same mount of time standing up you burn 45 calories! Who needs sport!

Many people listen to or play music. You will find music everywhere. Heaps and heaps of people play music in the world. You could be one of them? The Maori, the native people of New Zealand, used music instead of words most of the time. They found the singing easier than speaking because they could express their feelings easier. You can join or create a band quite easily with friends or family. Research shows that music is also very soothing and is good for your breathing. All in all it is very good for your health and can only do good.

Music is, overall, far better than sport. It includes everyone, however weird or wacky. Bob Marley (a famous singer) once said that “when music hits you for the first time, you feel no pain. “ Who can say that about sport! It is extremely popular and can be found just about anywhere you may go or visit. Music is fantastically enjoyable  and has been  proven to be relaxing and good for the muscles. Imagine our world without music. Movies would be boring and dull, no tension or feel to them. Discos and concerts wouldn’t exist and millions of people like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga wouldn’t be famous or have any fame or fortune. When you play music, you are practically doing sport, seeing as you burn so many calories! To round this off, I can truthfully say that music is much better than sport.

By Molly

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  1. Well we can see what you're passionate about Molly! There are also some activities that combine both music AND sport, for example, ice skating and zumba and plenty more I'm sure, maybe that's the ideal!