Sunday, April 7

Hello from England!!!!

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Okay this is kind of strange seeing as I'm the other side of the world from Room 11 but here goes... The flight over was HUGE! We had to stop at Christchurch, Sydney, Bangkok, Dubai and then landed at Heathrow airport in Sussex. I thought I saw Adam’s dad on one flight because Adam said he left the same day as us and went to the same places, which is a bit of a coincidence.
It’s very sunny today but the day before yesterday we had snow! Unfortunately that was the day we all went shopping so we got a bit chilly. I'm currently at my grandparents house after seeing the other grandparents and cousins. We had a huge clean up of the garden yesterday [as we do every time we come here] and a huge bonfire on the dirt field. It was a bit strange having a bonfire because you're not allowed to have them in NZ.

We're going up to London tomorrow and we're going to an absolutely huge toyshop, which used to be the biggest in the world! We're trying to buy birthday presents for Mum and Dad because their birthdays are very soon.  On the way back from England we are stopping in Bangkok for a couple of days for my dad’s birthday, we've been joking around a bit saying we'll get him an elephant for a birthday present.

For some schoolwork and for a bit of fun I'm writing a story.

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