Friday, June 7

Netball show down 2013

Breaking news - teachers beat year 8s in netball!!

It was a beautiful day on Friday 7 of May. The year 8s and the teachers were having a show down to see who should be crowned champions.

The start of the game was a little bit slow but then the pace picked up massively - at the end of the game they were sweaty train wrecks! The game was full of excitement as the teachers kept the ball in the year 8's territory. The year 8s felt the pressure near the end and you could just see it, it was really nerve racking. I think I was a bit more worried than the people on the court. There were lots of close calls with the goals. I can't believe that one of the year 8 shots didn't go in, it was so close!

In the end everyone in the school who watched the game, which was more than half, had a great time watching the game, cheering and screaming. It was just such a great game!

By Fergus Hall


  1. Your post brought back memories of the game clearly Fergus. Great writing.
    You're right we were train wrecks by the time we finished playing : ) Luckily we didn't break anything though.
    Mrs H

  2. .....but Fergus, you didn't tell us the score!!

  3. um it was good but what was the score?